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Fringe Promotional Photo Recap: The Day We Died

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It is May 20, 2026. A badly injured Peter, now age 45, gets treated at Fringe Medical in New York City and is almost instantly healed. Astrid is there, as is the newly minted Agent Ella Dunham, Olivia's grown-up niece. Olivia is the boss now.

Peter is reunited with Olivia.

Peter wakes up in 2026. What's left of his world struggles to contain increasing Fringe events, including a wormhole through time and a terrorist group that wants to end the world.

When Peter destroyed the Other Side, he sealed their side's fate, because both universes are inextricably linked. Olivia, now his wife, is the boss of Fringe. Broyles is a senator, who springs Walter from prison so that he can help. But Walternate got trapped on This Side when he crossed over to ask for assistance.

Walternate wants Peter to suffer.

Back in 2011, Peter's back in the machine and it's only been 60 seconds.

Olivia climbs up to Peter, who greets her happily.

The Other Side's lab pops into the room, complete with Walternate, Brandon, and Bolivia. The machine releases Peter, who says that he now understands what the machine does and where it came from. The First People, says Walter. Yes, says Peter, but the First People are us. Walter, most specifically.

Peter tells the two Walters that Doomsday is worse than anything they could imagine - and that their worlds are inextricably linked. He's torn holes in both universes, which lead to this room. "A bridge," he says, "so that we can begin to work together, to fix -" And Peter simply disappears. No one even reacts. Instead, Walternate and Walter accuse each other of being horrible. Olivia says that maybe it's time we start to fix things.


KVHumis said...

Who wrote these captions? Sounds like a seventh grader. Also, the second-last photo is not in the right place -- it's not the 2026 Broyles. He doesn't have a blue eye.

Anonymous said...

great photos ,It's a shame we didn't have the PO scene included!
and Peter's smiling just before disappearing breaks my heart every time I reawatch the episode.

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone have any idea of what the 602am tease was in the promos all week leading up to this episode?!

Dennis said...

The captions come directly from the Fox website.

Anonymous said...

2 questions I have:
1. Why is Olivia in 2026 no longer wearing dark suits?
2. Ella is using Dunham as her last name. So, meaning Rachael actually broke up with her husband? Because throughout season 3, there is no mention of where did Rachael and Ella and I thought she reconciled with her husband which is why she didn't stay in Boston

Anonymous said...

Exactly right why would Ella use Dunham as her last name? Did Rachel die in the Detroit mishap? Was she raised by Greg or Olivia?

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer here:

Peter is 47, not 45, at least that's what I recall hearing in the scene in which he's being wheeled into the hospital.

I like that Olivia is wearing her hair down now. And the light color clothing suits her position. There's a sweet scene in the kitchen of their home that should have been included here. As for Ella being Dunham... I guess Greg did divorce Rachel in the end. That, or his name is also Dunham! :)

Morgan said...

I like Astrids hair this way it sort of suits her don't you? Well i can't wait for season 4 although there will be a ton of questions that will need answering

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