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David Fury Announces on Twitter He's Joining Fringe

      Email Post       5/22/2011 10:07:00 AM      

On May 18th award-winning writer, David Fury, tweeted (@Dfury) that he was a new writer-producer "on a little show called Fringe."

David has quite the resume. He wrote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, 24, and Lost. He was also a co-executive producer for the first season of Lost.

David and fellow writers won the Writers Guild of America(WGA) award for Best Dramatic Series(for Lost) in 2006. He has also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, for Lost in 2005, and for 24 in 2006.

Welcome to Fringe, David Fury! As Walter would say, This is wonderful news!


Anonymous said...

Fringetastic! Welcome aboard David!

Old Darth

Stephanie said...

♫ "They got the mustard out!" ♫ Always ready to welcome some great Buffy and Lost writers!

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