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I Love An Apocalypse!: A Viewer's Guide to "The Day We Died"

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A handful of tips for the erstwhile time-traveler:

1. Just think of it as a giant typewriter.

I’m a firm believer in FRINGE hiding important information in throwaway comments. What would Olivia actually be able to do with a giant typewriter? She’d write. So the question becomes: Is it possible that Olivia has been writing what has been happening? Or is about to? It’d be a nice meta sort of touch, equating Olivia with the writers of the show.

Just as long as it doesn’t end with Olivia waking up in the tank sometime during the first season…

2. What will the Apocalypse look like? The answer, to use a term generally understood, but the specifics of which you cannot imagine, and which this document will attempt to describe, is warfare.

My theory is that the two sides in this battle aren’t the universes, but two sides struggling to maintain/destroy a certain timeline. I don’t think they have very much hair.

3. If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him!

The only reality is the one you create yourself. Is this Olivia and her giant typewriter? Is someone else creating this reality?

4. Be a better man than your father.

A scientist finds that his world is doomed, so he sends his child off in a rocket (along with some red and blue swaddling, natch) headed towards a world with a yellow (!) sun which will grant him the powers to be its protector.

This is the story of Superman. Anyone think Henry Dunham is going for a ride?

5. Whither Fauxlivia?

It seems very odd to me that their Olivia has been left on the bench ever since we saw her in Walternate’s cell. Why haven’t we seen her and why is there no hint of her in the finale? There was something very mysterious and authoritative about her remark to Walternate “Oh, you don't know anything about me.” Do we?

6. Sleight of Hand:

Remember that nifty bit of distraction where we all thought that young Olivia was talking to our Walter but it was Walternate? Right now I wouldn’t trust that anyone or anywhere is what it appears to be. Is Walter Walter? Is this universe the one we think it is? Yes, we’re “15 years in the future,” but does that mean our future? Is it, in fact, the past? Watch for a similar twist at some point.

What if the team member fated to die doesn’t actually die but merely disappears? Perhaps after the time-deck is reshuffled, they become someone who simply was never born…

7. You know who used to like to draw pictures of Olivia?

David Robert Jones.

8. Possible Philip K. Dick endings:

The Nazis won World War II.

“The Empire Never Ended.” (Our reality is a “skin” covering a much more ancient reality.)

Someone’s a robot.

“It was the first Joe Chip money he had ever seen.” (Someone’s picture ends up on money. Seeing Walter Bishop on a coin or dollar bill might be a nice way to come full circle to the unusual bills we saw from Over There.)

9. Planet of the Apes:

There’s been so much concentration on the iconic figure of the Statue of Liberty this year that it wouldn’t surprise me to see the show pull a POTA ending by replacing the Statue with a figure of…someone we know.

10. For God so loved the world…

There’s certainly enough evidence to make Peter the Christos, the shaman, the walker between worlds. An early symbol for Christ is the Chi-Rho, made by superimposing the first two Greek letters in Christ:

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that this also works as a pretty good representation of Peter in The Machine.

11. There’s more than one guess

But this is one:

As Olivia believed she was the Olivia from the other side, Peter’s confrontation with the machine has now brought forth the latent personality of the Peter That Might Have Been. That’s who he is now, the Peter from Over There. The machine has sucked him into the Red Verse timeline that would have happened if Walter Bishop had never stolen him.

He fills the space he was always intended to fill, but which was taken by Lincoln Lee because there was no Peter Over There (Nature, as Spinoza told us, abhors a vacuum). The world is still falling apart because it wasn’t Walter Bishop’s trip to the Other Side that caused the problem in the first place.

In the end, we return to our side to find that our Peter has perished, the saviour of his home universe. As this sinks in, our universe winks out of existence. It is, in fact, The Day We Died.

It is 6:02.

On the Other (now only) Side, Peter and Olivia awaken as Olivia tells Peter how this is her favorite time of day, so full of promise and potential…

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

We do see Faux in the finale. It's on one of the spoiler clips. She walks out from behind a curtain or wall and glares at Olivia. A showdown perhaps? T minus 1.5 days and counting.

loveycats said...

Peter's still in our universe: the WTC has been rebuilt and it was not destroyed in the Red universe.
The Red universe is destroyed but not wiped out of existence. Walternate is still alive and so are other people from over there. In one scene, Peter apologizes for the suffering he's caused people from on the other side. That means they are still there. I don't know what "destroyed" means exactly but apparently not obliterated.
We see Peter (with a 2011 hairline) saying that he has seen doomsday so I assume that at some point he comes back to our timeline.
This whole season was a mistake and next season is a "do-over".

Count Screwloose said...


You could well be right. But if Peter is in an alternate Red Universe, one from which he was never kidnapped (which is what I'm suggesting), perhaps the WTC might have been hit after all.

It's an extreme long shot, but look at what one little firefly can do...

loveycats said...


Yes but in the scene where future Peter is talking to Walternate, Walternate says "You destroyed my universe, son, now I'm going to destroy yours". So unless for some reason, they've switched universes, Peter is still a resident of the Blue universe.

Count Screwloose said...


That's if the person that Future Peter is talking to is indeed Walternate.

There's another possibility.

E said...

'Someone’s a robot' ,hm,that reminded me what Walter said in Marionett : "Do you think they replaced her with a robot"

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