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Fringe Trailer: "The Day We Died" Season Finale

      Email Post       5/02/2011 12:50:00 PM      

Here is the "Movie" Trailer for the Fringe season finale episode "The Day We Died".

SPOILER WARNING! There are some pretty big reveals in this trailer... the video has been moved over to

Screenshots from this trailer are available at

Don't miss the Season Finale May 6th at 9/8c, only on FOX

UPDATE: According to Ari Margolis, the man who creates the Fringe trailers, there is still much to be revealed:


Anonymous said...

Will someone freak-out and have a heart attack for me, please? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There is a backwards message at the end. Can anyone get it.

Dennis said...

The backward voice says "You Were Right"

Dennis said...

I have turned off comments for this post. If you wish to discuss the spoilers in this trailer, please do it over at

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