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Season Finale Tweet-Along Answers From Tanya Swerling

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Fringe producer Tanya Swerling
(with John Dudkowski and Scott Vickrey)
During tonight's Fringe Tweet-along event for "The day We Died", Fringe producer Tanya Swerling (@TSFringe) answered questions from fans during the east coast feed.

Here is a list of some of her most interesting  tweets:

@Irishgirlnc Question, how is the doomsday machine in our universe functioning when it's missing a part? Fauxlivia stole a part to ours.@TSFringe the machine's are quantum entangled...

@aimeexamazing7 why is only one side of walter's mouth working?@TSFringe he had a stroke in prison...

@dezzii87 ok this is crazy! first have you notice the pic, how the child is only holding peters hand and not olivias??!!@TSFringe good eyes

@kamikazesaint What's with Walter's vest? Is he expecting to get shot sometime soon?@TSFringe he is public enemy #1 in the future

@Jen__Silver Did he really just bring the two together?@TSFringe he did, he used the machine to create a bridge between the 2

@TiffanyJWarren if Peter never existed none of the series exists either because Walter never would have gone to bring him over to cure him...@TSFringe well... he existed in that timeline - but once he created the bridge to save these 2 universes... he served his purpose

@russell_mack I can't wait to watch the last four episodes over on Amazon OnDemand. Do subscriptions from Amazon help Fringe stay on the air?@TSFringe yes - it all adds up. obviously watching it live has the biggest impact. But DVR, iTunes, Amazon - it all counts

@RKron How come the part Bolivia stole only existed on our side? #fringelivetweet@TSFringe Walternate never found it on his side... that's why he needed Bo to send it

@Fringeship Oh John Noble's performance...STUNNING! I can't believe how he is managing 2 Walters. They are so different.@TSFringe look at his posture(s) in the wider shot when Walternate and Walter face off... two distinctly different men. *genuflecting*

@RKron So who created the device if Walter hid it in an infinite paradoxical loop? #TheDayWeDied #fringelivetweet@TSFringe Is the machine still there at the end? Is it the same machine? : )

@naddycat Actually, they've filmed a lot of them this season out at UBC, so that doesn't really work now that I think about it LoL@TSFringe yes UBC is our Harvard. For some reason we can't use the real school.
@Fringeship Oh that is interesting. I heard outside pics of Harvard are actually of Yale. True?@TSFringe we used Yale stock as well, then we were told no can do! UBC is beautiful and has some East Coast-y architecture
@TSFringe the show first shot in NY, and I believe JJ was able to shoot at Harvard initially. I think the school was protecting itself.
@tsfringe it's cool that you all know this, but go with it.
@naddycat Go with..what?@TSFringe that we're using UBC for Harvard. Could easily take you out of the story. Or when you see any other Vancouver landmarks :)

@BabyCash So were seasons 1 - 3 just erased then? So confusing ...@tsfringe trust me when I say that @JPFringe and @JWFringe are on it. The future will sort out the past. there is a master plan : )

@Fringeship I would be so sad if Olivia did not remember Peter...but that won't happen because our girl has photographic memory! :D@TSFringe our core is Walter, Peter, and Olivia - their connection - fear not.


Unknown said...

To all the cast and crew, what a brilliant show, but I have to say without John Noble I don't think it would ever survive. His performance is excellent and I am looking forward to seeing more off him

Fringitaly said...

How come no one is asking about Peter's kid in the alternate universe??

Anonymous said...

If Peter never existed in this particular timeline, then Henry never existed, but I don't know for sure if the baby storyline is a total dead end. It's Fringe, so anything can happen.

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