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Fringe Photos: Screenshots From "The Day We Died"

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode "The Day We Died  " are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in these comments.

Promotional photos for "The Day We Died  " are also available at


Ron E. said...

Is there a shot where you can see all the observers? I was wondering if all (we presume) 12 of them are there.

Dennis said...

No, this is the best shot of this scene. It appears that only 10 Observers showed up.

Doc said...

We know that one of the observers was killed, so that leaves 11. But judging by this final scene it seems that not one but TWO of the observers have been somehow "killed". I have a feeling we will find out in season 4 what became of the 11th Observer.

Dennis said...

Maybe the 11th observer is the child from "Inner Child"

I said...

I haven't looked through the screenshots but I just wanted to point out anyway, in the scene right after the intro, you can actually see a poster for "Rocket Poppeteers", which is something to do with JJ Abrams' movie "Super 8".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if April, May, and June are female observers...

Anonymous said...

Like Peter under the influence of LSD, maybe Broyles really is an Observer..... I don't know about you, but i've always thought there's more to Broyles then meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Was this gathering of Observers the weekly Easter Egg?

To above Anon: Last line of your comment: No pun intended. HaHa!

Anonymous said...

Okay the scene where Olivia and crew fall down because of the light, on the ground it says Sept. and there are 9 people passed out. Could it mean that September 9, 2011 is special? Is that when the show will come does fall on a Friday this year.

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