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Season Finale Teases From Ari Margolis

      Email Post       5/06/2011 01:21:00 PM      

Ari Margolis, the man who creates the Fringe trailers, has been teasing tonight's Fringe season finale episode "The Day We Died" on Twitter:

Verbal Tease #1 "Bright orbs moving past... flaring... and as they come into focus, we realize we’re in--"

Verbal Tease #2 "Not only can I not tell you how the thing works, according to all the readings it shouldn’t be working at all."

Verbal Tease #3 "Our fate was sealed long ago."

Verbal Tease #4 "We finally get to see one."

Verbal Tease #5 "Peter Bishop, 47 years old, shrapnel wound in the abdomen."

Verbal Tease #6 "You think now is the time?" "I think it might be past time."


iRandy said...

I haven't been this pumped for a season finale since the end of LOST. Happy Fringe Friday, y'all!

fringeobsessed said...

Ari Margolis is alot of fun to follow at, and he's a really nice guy and answers MOST of out tweets to him.

Thanks, Ari. :)

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