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Fringe Sneak Peek and BTS of "The Day We Died"

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Here is a not-too-spoilery sneak peek and behind the scenes look at the Fringe season finale "The Day We Died". Featuring interviews with Fringe season finale director Joe Chappelle, 1st Assisstant Director Brian Giddens, and Joshua Jackson, who reveals:
The big surprise will catch people completely off guard.


Anonymous said...

At 0:42 I saw what I think is a face-to-face with the Olivias. Faux doesn't look too happy to see her other self. What secrets will be revealed (beside Henry, of course).

Bill King said...


Anonymous said...

ouch! Peter will experience horrible things in the future.But sure he'll be Okay! he's a tough guy :)

aydee said...

Ugh! My stomach is in knots just watching this video. I have a feeling there won't be enough of Peter's reserved blood and somehow he'll get it from his son. I knew that b**** from the other side would be back. God, I hate her!!!

Matthew M said...

You people are so bizarre. Nothing is what it seems. I hope you all get ulcers that torment you for the rest of your lives!

Anonymous said...

Bored now.

Apocalypse Anonmous

Anonymous said...

You're long overdue for an enema, Curmudgeon.

Anonymous said...

I hope Olivia will make Bolivia swallow her wig, can't stand that alt-universal bitch cliche, she is killing Fringe week after week, I hope we soon get rid of her, it's ashaming for a show supposed to create unique situations to use a character who has only skills for practicing the oldest job in the world.

Suhara said...

Looks like there's going to be another Olivia/Fauxlivia Face-Off.... I know it is irritaional but I reallt cannot stand Fauxlivia... Yes, she is a human being, and having a son has shown her 'softer side', but what kind of person could pretend to be the woman (Olivia)a man (Peter) is in love with, fully knowing that the person that the man really loves isn't her, and then go on to say that she has actually 'real feelings' for that man.... Heartless.... I don't think I want this to be the end of the Olivia/Fauxlivia/Peter/Henry storyline, but I sure as hell don't want anything to get in the way of Peter and Olivia's relationship...All hell can break lose, as long as Peter and Olivia are safe in heaven, if ya know what I mean! :)

Wikiaddicted723 said...

Suhara, I know what you mean and I'm right behind you on that one, they can do all they want with the relationship between these 3/4? as long as PO keeps it together.

Anonymous said...

I don't like fauxlivia. Not because she stole Peter's heart for a bit, or because she has a son, or anything, just because she does NOT "get" our olivia! She hates her!

Anonymous said...

Fauxlivia is wearing the mental institution clothing our Olivia wore in the season opener episode.

loveycats said...

A few guesses about the "big surprise":

The whole season has taken place in the mind of an autistic child who has Walter's lab or the Machine of some other Fringe set in a snow globe.

Peter steps out of the shower and says it was all a dream.

After 11 seasons, the War is finally over (although it only lasted 3 years IRL). Everyone leaves the Fringe Division compound with Peter choppering out so we can get a last look at whatever universe we're in this week.

Peter spends the rest of the season believing he's married to Fauxlivia and that they have escaped to Vermont to run an inn peopled with eccentrics who make Walter appear normal, until he wakes up in a Chicago apt with Olivia and tells he he's dreamed he was married to a beautiful redhead. She tells him no more Japanese food for you.

Peter and Olivia, now married, retire to a secluded beach house to raise a couple of kids named Isabel and Jack, only to receive occasional visits from "uncle" Broyles who tries to persuade them to come back for one more Fringe investigation.

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