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Fringe Photos: Screenshots From "The Last Sam Weiss"

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss " are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in these comments.

However, I did specifically get all of the frames from Peter's "flashback" sequences, which you can see starting here, and the second "flashback" starts here.

Promotional photos for "The Last Sam Weiss " are also available at


Anonymous said...

OK That scroll that is the crowbar that is Olivia has the same cityscape picture that the observers gave to Olivia about Peter.
And I swear when you enlarge that picture and look at it from different angles it looks like there is more drawings on that page than first meets the eye.
I saw a face superimposed over the machine.
I saw a roof of a house or a building as well.
A strange set of eyes.
Maybe I have had too much LSD but I reckon there is more on this scroll to look at.
Good Job FringeFiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked very carefully the pictures of "Peter's flashback sequences"; I have some questions...
Why does he see a picture taken from "brown betty"
One taken from an episode when Olivia is over there and dream about him
One taken from "subject 13" but he said he couldn't remember oO
He also sees himself like Olivia sees him the first time she found out that he was from the other universe...
Well and Peter is acting strangely since he has waken up...
Any way... just wait and see ;)
Sorry for my english I'm French.

Ika said...

@Ano 4:04 AM: I thought the face behind the machine was Peter's, wasn't it?

@Ano 6:33 AM: Yeah, I already realized watching this sequence in the video, actually one of the few things I didn't like in that episode, if you interpret the scenes as Peter's flashback. I am quite okay with the scenes from subject 13, who knows what was kicked loose when he tried to get in the DDD the first time. Projection Peter, well, weird, but somehow could have been a hint about something to com, but brown betty? I am not sure, if it is just a mistake or some kind of hint. If it is just a mistake it is a really stupid one, I'd say any fanmade video would do better...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry DDD? (don't forgett I'm French ^^)
I agree with you, I really can't explain the picture from Brown Betty: stupid mistake?
Miss-you-know from France

Dennis said...

DDD = Doomsday Device

Also know at Fringepedia as the Wave Sink Device.

Anonymous said...

Oh tanks, I knew the expression "Doomsday Device" but I never saw DDD... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot it's real name is the Wave Sink Device. I wonder what that means now that we know one of the things it can do is take you to the future?

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