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Philo Viewing Party Comments

      Email Post       5/11/2011 01:13:00 PM      

For the Fringe season finale "The Day We Died", FringeTelevision partnered up with Philo for a Fringe viewing party.

We would like to get your feedback on the event, and if you think we should do this again in the future.

Also, part of viewing party was a contest for best comment. I have narrowed it down to five:

What do you think is the "best" comment from "The Day We Died" viewing party


Gloria said...

So, basically you are looking for something that the show writers might have written... hmm.
It was interesting but most people just posted "watching" and called it good. It was somewhat disconcerting to attempt to read the twitter site and the Philo site and --oh, watch the actual show -- unless I was supposed to be doing this in my alternate Universe as well?
Regardless, I am thrilled that FRINGE has become a hot topic across the web & on TV! Hopefully, the positive momentum can be sustained!

Dennis said...

No, actually, I would have liked more insightful comments about the episode, but there weren't really any.

Also, the question ISN'T "should we chat live during the show?". We have been running live chats for over two years now.

The question is if we should our partnership with Philo, or go back to our own chat room (which I think a lot of FringeTelevision regulars did anyways)

I agree with you that watching, tweeting, AND chatting all at the same time is too difficult. I usually only check the chat room during commercials, and I didn't even bother trying to tweet for the season finale.

Gloria said...

I have joined the live chats several times and really enjoyed them. They are much more informative than posting to GetGlue and Philo because their sites are not really set up for conversations among participants.

The sharing of insights and "observations" during your live chats is incredible. They add a very rich layer of entertainment to the show.

Philo was fun but I already own every episode available on DVD plus each episode as it comes available on Amazon plus the soundtrack plus merchandise ... so I played along just to see what others would post. The prizes weren't the goal for me.

In the future, I will participate in the live chats and comment on this website but limit other activities because it becomes too distracting.

I have been a fan of FRINGE since episode #1 but the glue for me is the "Thank You" video from the cast to fans. Maybe it's corny, but I really appreciate the recognition of their audience.

anthony said...

I don't get the September comment... can someone explain it to me?

Gloria said...

Peter's birthday is September 18th.

Also, in some random news item about the PETER episode, the Observer was referred to as September. At least, that is what I remember from the beezillion pieces of writing I have read over the years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the observer's name is September.

FringeFrogee said...

Fringeobsessed what happened to your review? Will it be put back up, or is the Blogg site still an issue?

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