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GeekTime! RadioShow Scores Josh Jackson Interview Hat Trick

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Ponder Season 4 Peter Possibilities

Over at the Joshua-Jackson Network fan site they have linked to a May 27th Radio Talk Show Call-In Appearance.  Josh Jackson made good on a promise to return to the Geek friendly Sirius XM Radio show - GeekTime! for his third appearance.

To Exist Or Not Exist?  That is the question of Season 4.

The Joshua-Jackson Network have conveniently provided a downloadable audio file link of the interview which runs for about 9 minutes.

Joshua Jackson and the show host talk about Season 4 and Joshua puts down several great theories including the popular one of Peter sporting a hairless look.  The real interesting item Joshua puts forth is the timing of when that look would appear.

Great interview and well worth taking the time to listen to.



Anonymous said...

Amazing interview! I always enjoy listening to Josh's theories.

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