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Fringe-Finding Season 4

      Email Post       5/18/2011 04:39:00 PM      

Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick discuss the season finale and imagine the impossibilities for Season 4.


Lena said...

shes swedish?? what accent is that...

Dennis said...

Anna Torv and John Noble are Australian

Matthew M said...

Anyone bring the cheese, the whining is about to begin!
I'm sure it will be cool whatever direction it goes. Yes, I believe that the Yellow Universe is behind it all and Peter is there.

Anonymous said...

Anna Torv is Australian but I believe having to speak in an american accent for the pass three years has somewhat messed with her natural accent, and now she has some weird hybrid accent, lol.

cortexifan said...

Masshuu il Malacandra,
I agree it's going to get ugly :)

Is it September yet? So cannot wait.
Keep promoting and recruiting. Competition is fierce.
Fringe Rules!

mjbanks said...

? a war within the observers, what is a yellow universe, how many new united terrorists can and will the new united universes battle, wtf just happened in the season 3 finale, where is peter, where and how did the room beneath the statue of liberty originate, where do the zft place their allegiance and do they have a command structure power struggle, there's a shape-shifter listening to the song called mercury shadow by Soilwork, are both sides going to play nice?

Anonymous said...

i have a question....if peter dissapeared...the observer says at the end of the episode : "peter never existed" if peter never existed...what started the problems between the universes ?

Anonymous said...

if peter never existed, how can the two universes meet in that room? if they cant remember peter, won't they be confused how the two universes meet in that room??

Anonymous said...

i like joshua's sweater :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone that watches fringe know there is always questions on what is going on and how the heck is that possible..we will get our answers as we keep wattching. Its a show that keeps us all on edge.. I love Fringe...Amber...

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