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Tonight On Fringe Friday: "The Day We Died"

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Tonight is the Fringe season three finale episode "The Day We Died".

As always, we'll have a LIVE Fringe chat, where we play "spot the observer", and "What's the glyph code?", plus discuss the action on the show. However this week will be a little different! has teamed up with Philo for a Fringe Viewing Party, where you will be eligible to win prizes for your comments, including Fringe DVD, Fringe Season 2 Soundtrack, and a Fringe coffee mug. Prizes will be given out for best comments, spotting the observer, and guessing the glyph code. Full details are at

(If you want to continue to chat in the old chat #FringeTV room, you can use this link)

There is also a Tweet-along event tonight, with Fringe producer Tanya Swerling (@TSFringe) and executive producer and Joel Wyman (@JWFringe). You can submit your questions to them using the hash tag #fringelivetweet.

For more info, visit

Also, don't forget to check in at for a chance to win a blueprint of the Doomsday Device.

After the show, get more information on "The Day We Died" at:

Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe hidden clues.

To discuss "The Day We Died" or any other episode, head over the the Fringe episode section.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Day We Died"?


Anonymous said...

I'm literally crying right now... I can't watch Fringe anymore. Peter's gone. How can I?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Peter is gone for good, and plans on not watching anymore is a fool. Do any of you have any idea how story arcs work? The central conflict of next season will be getting him back. Watch.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with Anon#2, how can they get him back if he don't remember he exists? *dramatic tone

I was kinda hoping for Walter v. Walter fist fight...

Anonymous said...

I'm Anon#2, and I have no idea how they can get him back, but that's what makes it such a good cliffhanger.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just want to say it was "terrifying" seeing Olivia get shot... went into shock right then and there and it took a few minutes to understand that couldn't be the end of it. PHEW thank GOD Walter (our Walter) saves the day again! I can't wait to see next season and they bring Peter back.

Anonymous said...

Im Anon#1, and I said that because I was beside myself with grief. But I'll watch in the fall, because I KNOW they'll find a way to put him in the show.

Frenchie said...

@Anon10:23 IKR? I gasped. Out loud!

Anonymous said...

that was an amazing episode. I am so glad we have another season, but we have to spread the word hard over the summer to get more people to watch so we can have a season 5, and also just so people can know how awesome the show is!

Anonymous said...

trying to wrap my brain around everything...just finished watching on dvr...saved it to watch again later after digesting...1st thing that jumped out at me was the observer telling walter he needed to be ready to let Peter go if need be...guess he really meant it!

Amy said...

the observers know Peter exists. he is not forgotten. I think we will see much more into the lives of the observers next year. and Joshua Jackson has to have a job, right? (unless somebody knows about a movie he's filming instead?) the writers will work him in... somehow. how many months do we have to wait for the next episode?! my brain just overloaded and I need to watch this one again!

Anonymous said...

Well, in an interview with Josh, he said he's coming back for season 4... so how will that fit in... hmm? Truly a mind-blowing episode. Still processing.

Anonymous said...

omg that was BRILLIANT!!!
I have Fringe withdrawl symptoms on a weekly basis, I don't know how I'll cope in the next few months.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! They wished a main character out of existence and with him, all the relationships and character interactions disappeared as well. Now they have to bring new characters to the show to fill the void Peter has left. It will be interesting to see, where they take the show from here.

I will miss JJ. He has been wonderful and I will miss him terribly. I hope he comes back, guest star maybe. I know Peter is gone now, but he could play some sort of ghost, like he did in the episodes over there?

Anonymous said...

great ep! the summer months seem too long=)

but exactly how did they activate the machine if Peter never existed?

trent said...

That was a cruel way to get rid of a character. No tears, no decent burial, no respects paid. Simply forgotten, because he didn't exist in the first place. How cold and uncaring was that?

Ron E. said...

Without Peter, both universes are still on the path to destruction. Peter is still the only one that can use the machines. No Peter -- no way to use the machines to heal the holes. Both sides will need to work together to figure out a way to get Peter back. What Peter did is not the final solution to healing the universes. It is a temporary and necessary intermediate step before the final solution (or maybe the first of several intermediate steps depending on how many seasons Fringe gets).

Old Darth said...

This finale is almost identical to the S3 finale for Lost but instead of giving us the fates of the characters in drips and draps over the entire next season, Fringe gives it to us up front.

Its a fantastic setup for next season and is not a WHAT IF scenario. It is what is going to happen if the two universes do not learn to get along together.

And the fact that we know where the Machine comes from and the price that was paid to create the bridge between the two universes was Peter.... is moving and a staggering concept with to explore next season.

Seeds were planted ie Detroit, Broyles eye, Olivia reluctance to have children etc. for visits into the future next season.

And what about Walter, Walternate, Olivia, and Fauxlivia interacting on a regular basis next season as well!

What a fantastic table setting for next season!

Bring it!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, there is nothing appealing about the thought of Walter, Walternate, Olivia and Faux working together. I want to go back in time with Peter, clear back to when it was just him, Walter, and Olivia saving the world together.

Anonymous said...

A cliffhanger is exactly that. We aren't supposed to know HOW the ending works out now, just that it WILL work out next season. The fans in mourning over Peter didn't pay attention to, or didn't see clips of the producers saying Peter would still be a central part of the show going forward. Dry those eyes, weepy ones. In three months time, you'll be swooning over Peter once again.

Linn said...

this is the best show i've seen in long while
fellow viewers please keep watching so they don't cancel this epic series. thanks fringe for keep me on the edge of my seat. :)

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