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Fringe Gray Title Sequence in "The Day We Died"

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The title sequence in "The Day We Died" was a new gray color, and featured new fringe-science concepts:
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Thought Extraction
  • Cryptozoology
  • Neural Partitioning
  • Brain Porting
  • Temporal Plasticity
  • Dual Maternity
  • Chaos Structure
  • Clonal Transplantation
  • Water
  • Biosuspension
  • Hope

I'm not sure how Water and Hope fit in with the others, but maybe we'll find out next season!

And of course, the "Observers Are Here" message is still there...

Screenshots of every singe frame of the title sequence can be found at


Fakehater said...

I'm pretty sure that's PURPLE. like the red and blue universes Mixed...

Reinbeast said...

It's purple with a lot of gray. Unless my colors are a bit off on my TV. Anyway, I'm holding out hope that " hope" refers to what happened at the very end. Another amazing finale that tore my heart out.

Matt said...

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't do more to change it like they did for the past episodes.

Also, "HOPE" might refer to the idea that the Universe is going to end in this future, and that hope is an unlikely, fringe possibility.

Anonymous said...

Clonal Transplantation would be nice. Unless, of course, they'd be cloning whole people and taking their organs. Scary!

jb said...

Dual Maternity - connected with something what @TSFringe said in her tweeting... "perhaps Peter will be a single dad". And that with the drawing where the child only holds Peter's hand (which @TSFringe implied had a subtle message). Interesting!

rawr rawr im a dinooosawwrrr said...

water cuz remember they said that wen the universe on the other side got all jacked up i think they were saying that all the water and air and all that kinda just left...and hope is pretty obvious....hope for better

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