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Fringe Halloween

      Email Post       10/30/2008 05:10:00 PM      

To celebrate Halloween, TV Guide and E! have created Gross/Spooky TV show lists, which both include Fringe:

TV Guide: Oh, Yuck! 9 Gross Television Scenes

E!: Spookiest Shows on TV

How are you celebrating Halloween? How about Fringe-Style, with a Fringe Pumpkin or Fringe Costume?

If you need some ideas, how about a six-fingered hand pumpkin, or try other Fringe symbols. Or you could dress your pumpkin up like Mr. Papaya!

As far as a Fringe costume, The Observer is an easy choice - you'll just need a suit and a hat (shave your head and eyebrows for a more authentic look!), or dress up like Gene, everyone's favorite Fringe cow.

Send us your pictures, and we'll post them in a Fringe Halloween Gallery.


David Wu said...

I was hoping to dress up as Dr. Walter Bishop for Halloween; alas, no mask out for his character yet.

Dennis said...

Maybe you could find a Denethor mask ;)

tallone said...

I thought I would go out as William Bell but I don't know what he looks like.

Ann Frost said...

Wow! Thanks for the list! I will prepare for the next Halloween according to it. I want to be....well I haven't decided yet but this post definitely inspires me to stand out!

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