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Fringe Dwellers - Episode 7 - "Power Hungry"

      Email Post       10/20/2008 09:01:00 AM      

In episode seven of the Fringe Dwellers Podcast, Jen and Adele try a slightly new format to tackle the electrifying fifth FRINGE episode - Power Hungry. They respond to your emails, report on the newest Kurt-ci news and bring your some spoilers.

Also, listen out for David Wu's parody of Gold Digger that summarizes the events of episode 4 before the spoilers.

Listen now:

You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

If you have a comment or question for Adele & Jen, you can email them at You can also leave a voicemail for them at (206) 333-0072, or reach them on Twitter as fringedwellers, or Facebook as Gene the Cow Worshippers


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