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Fringe Episode 106 - The Cure

      Email Post       10/21/2008 09:00:00 PM      

After weeks of being reported missing, a woman with a rare disease resurfaces in suburban Massachusetts and inexplicably causes excruciating pain and subsequent death to those she encounters...
Which major science fiction themes would you like Fringe to explore?


Edward said...

I voted for aliens, 'cause I'm still waiting for someone from my generation to do aliens right.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to HUGH EVERETT III

tallone said...

Well we have had two episodes revolving around that's my suggestion.

Matej said...

second that Edward ;)

Capcom said...

I really wish that they hadn't done one on a guy who can electrically explode things with his mind without even trying. So overdone by now. :-p

Having said that, one of my votes is for time travel, so I can use my physics research for Lost, on this show too. :o) I also would like to see some more serious futuristic military applications, like the plasma gun in The Arrival.

tallone said...

Capcom that sounds excellent to me as well. Sounding an old theme,on my part,but Tesla touched on some of this stuff.

Capcom said...

Right Tallone, the Death Ray! :-o And they could stand to touch on some Tesla things like in The Prestige also! Sigh, if only his later ideas were given half a chance.

If TPTB wanted to make me really happy, they could try to figure out how that little guy moved all those tons of coral in Florida all by himself! :o)

tallone said...

I know capcom. My favorite things of Tesla ar the invisiblity thing and making copies of objects.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see an episode dealing with what is called The Rapture as described in the bible. People dissapearing in great multitudes simotainiously.

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