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Secrets of Fringe, with Kurtzman, Pinkner, & Orci

      Email Post       10/07/2008 08:40:00 PM      

There's no new episode of Fringe tonight, but Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Jeff Pinkner, and Roberto Orci have something to tide you over until next week - The Secrets Of Fringe. They discuss seven important insights about Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, Phillip Broyles, The Observer, The Pattern, and Agent Scott.

If that only whets your Fringe appetite, why not catch up on some Fringe podcasts, or head over to the Fringe wiki, and contribute to Fringe community!

UPDATE: E!'s Watch With Krisitn has some more Q&A with Kurtzman and Orci. Specifically, they address some concerns I have seen in the comments:

Is It All About Walter? So far almost every case has tied directly back to Walter's (John Noble) work. Isn't that a lot of weirdness leading back to one man? Said Orci: "There is a much larger mosaic at play here, and Walter's work is part of it. A lot of the work that Walter did before he was committed, and before he lost a lot of his memory, was stolen from him. The question is, who stole it and why, and does the Pattern have something to do with the work that he's done?" However, Kurtzman said, "It won't always be about his work." And thank goodness, because I love the guy, but Walter was thisclose to becoming the Mary Sue of mad scientists...



Anonymous said...

They make it seem like secondadonna's theory posted with 104 episode that the Observer is bald from the effects of radiation is a promising line of speculation. Apparently, Broyles was involved in a similar accident/experiment/event?

tallone said...

I like the suggestion that Broyles was in the corporate world and he is bald as well like the observer.

tallone said...

Very interesting someone stole Walter's work...who has it is the question.

anurada647 said...

fringe is awsom!!...still on the 12th episode....cant get enough with the kinda stuff and work from especialy jj Abram!

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