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Fringe Dwellers Podcast: Episode 6

      Email Post       10/07/2008 12:00:00 AM      

In the sixth Fringe Dwellers Podcast, Jen and Adele discuss the details of the newest Fringe episode, The Arrival. We tried a new recording program so this is the reason the levels are a little fishy (and for the lateness). Our intro was graciously provided by John Bailey. We had a great time discussing this fun episode with a very new feeling to it. Enjoy the show!

Listen now:

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If you have a comment or question for Adele & Jen, you can email them at You can also leave a voicemail for them at (206) 333-0072, or reach them on Twitter as fringedwellers, or Facebook as Gene the Cow Worshippers


Anonymous said...

Jen & Adele. Thanks for the epic 2-hour Arrival episode of FringeDwellers! That should keep fans entertained while we all wait for next week's FRiNGE on FOX. The Arrival was amazing, and it's cool how a 52 minute tv show can cause so much thought and discussion.

Great job to the both of you. Glad to have you in the FRiNGE podcasting community.

Wayne's Take on FRiNGE podcast

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