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Fox Fringe: Walter's Lab Notes #6

      Email Post       10/22/2008 04:02:00 AM      

Accompanying the usual crime scene photos and notes, a bowl of Mr. Papayahead's remains and what looks like a blood spatter picture of a woman sealed in a plastic baggy?


tallone said...

What do you think about the Red Sox stuff?

Kelli Butler said...

The drawing in the baggie is one of the ones from The Ghost Network.

Edward said...

Hi kelli. I really like that idea. Here's a screencap from last night's episode of the molment before?

Joanna said...

That looks like mango in the bowl, not papaya. Papaya flesh is pink/red and very smooth, while mango flesh is yellow and stringy. Also, papayas have lots of dark, pea-sized seeds in a central cavity, while mango pits (the largest of any fruit) are unmistakable. Don't know what difference this makes except to show us that Walter likes tropical fruit (then again, so does Charlie Crews).

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