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J.J. Abrams Live Webchat: Is Over Arcing Mystery Winning Out Over Procedural On Fringe?

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The Guardian has posted a transcript of their LIVE webchat with J.J. Abrams which took place earlier today. Below are a few of the more telling answers JJ gave in response to questions about Fringe, including on finding Fringe's rhythm and on the existence of a Lost size mystery.

Q: To you, is there an upcoming episode that you are especially proud of and you think will be a fan favourite when the series is finished?

Also, I have noticed a certain formula in the structure of the episodes so far. Is this something that is going to carry on, or will there be variations on this formula? Sorry if that isn't too specific. - owlwaxer

JJ - We are still finding our rhythm. If you look back at the early episodes of your favourite shows you will find they are a little bit to the left of what the show ultimately became. I feel we are still arriving. The fourth episode, The Arrival, is closer to what the show will be.

Q: Is Fringe going to be a big mystery as Lost is, with all the cryptic clues. Or will Fringe be a light venture? - yamatoEva

JJ - There will be and there already is, and ep 4 begins it, the over arcing mystery of the show. The goal is to do both - to tune in and enjoy without knowing anything that comes before it but also if you watch every week you will see things you understand and that are connected tot he larger picture. We are looking at both of them. -- Full Transcript


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the last question in the transcript meant to be a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide? Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

i really hope Fringe moves from procedural-style to the huge story arc style of storytelling... I think it would work better as the latter, and make for a more interesting show overall.

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