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Fox Fringe: Walter's Lab Notes #4

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There are a lot of allusions in this week's Walter's Lab Notes:
  • Sioux City Sasparilla is a brand soft drink, similar to root beer, made famous by The Big Lebowski
  • "What's the frequency Kenneth?" is a quote made famous by Dan Rather, then later by R.E.M. . The question was asked by a man who claimed that the news media was beaming signals into his head.
  • The Fisher King was in charge of protecting the Holy Grail (and also a movie by Terry Gilliam)


tallone said...

I found interesting the phrase "The boy knows but doesn't know that he knows". What might that be ?
Also the thing has a sound of 2 mz once and then 4. Is it transmitting? Just a note PSI is for tire pressure.
How will those bring him back? (PHI,etc.)

Capcom said...

"The boy knows" might either be referring to how Pete knew but didn't know where the silver bullet was, or something else that he doesn't realize that he knows yet, maybe.

Psi could be either the Greek letter, pounds per sq. inch, or in the parapsychology/paranomal vein like ESP. Most likely here, the Greek letter with the others.

I'm curious too about the "2 then 4" thing.

tallone said...

Just a note that episode 103 dealt with people sending and receiving info through a disk in their hand. I wonder if the bullet has something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The bottom of the broken coffee mug is odd, the colors/material looks weird - like it's corroded or something. There are what look like lights? stars? - constellations?

veroniquetaylor said...

Is the Fisher King also a reference to TS Elliot's Wasteland? If so, his reference if for an old man who is dying and has now way to reproduce hisself or his kingdom...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the object in the photo is upside down compared to the object found in the episode.

Anonymous said...

"phi, chi, psi, omega" are the last four letters of the greek alphabet, so it's odd that he says that's how it starts...

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