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Fringe Episode 106 - 'The Cure' Airs Tonight

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Doing something online, I was watching a show and something was mentioned I'd be able to go online and see it. This just provides another level of discovery and interaction. Often there are clues that connect to things in the story if you care to pursue those or examine them or discover them. It's something as a viewer I like to do, so it really comes from my, and the team's, desire to create entertainment that goes elsewhere than just the TV or movie screen. That elsewhere might be online or places yet to be discovered. It's not about trying to blur the line, it's about creating an experience that is more than just the narrative that you are watching in front of you. -- J.J. Abrams
...appeals to you, be sure to join us starting at 9:00 Eastern for our easter egg hunt and episode discussion where this week's poll asks, "Which major science fiction themes would you like Fringe to explore?"

We also have some previews and spoilers for tonight's episode, and as always, Fringepedia will be a hivemind of activity.


tallone said...

Yeah I caught that too. Particularly when he says it's more than the narrtaive you see in front of you. It can be discovered elsewhere online,etc.

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