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      Email Post       10/15/2008 05:52:00 PM      

Popular Mechanics is back at it, Fringebusting the science in Fringe. But more interesting than the debunking:

  • The product placement. Not in Fringe, but in the Popular Mechanics articles about Fringe. Perhaps we should do a weekly critique of how well PC disguises their paid links as journalism.

  • Still no acknowledgment of The Arrival's PC shout out that we can see. Perhaps Fringe should try again, only this time send the shout out the recurring fringebuster, Kate Schweitzer.

  • "And regarding Joseph's ability to levitate in the elevator? Park compared this to the urban legend that if you jump in a careening elevator, right at its moment of impact, you'd survive. It's just not true."
On the ratings front, TV by the Numbers declares Fringe a hit with the two key demographics, the 18-49 year olds (4.2/10) and 18-34 year olds (3.8/10) with 9.53 million total viewers.


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