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Is Fringe Getting Better? What About the Science?

      Email Post       10/01/2008 04:42:00 PM      

The crowd over at TVbytheNumbers thinks so. They're decidedly bullish on Fringe:

House dominated the evening in terms of the youth demos, and Fringe won the demos for its hour and was second in demo performance only to House, though the House lead-in is definitely helping as Fringe slipped by about 800K viewers and more than 10% in the demos from the first half hour to the second.

Viewers (Millions) 10.04, 18-49 Rating/Share 4.3/11, 18-34 Rating/Share 3.9/11

bob says:

fringe is getting better each week. fringe had its best episode last night, good to see it did well in the demo and hit also hit 10 million viewers, which it was unable to do last week. I think fringe will be fine, especailly with the demo it pulls in each week...
Meanwhile over at Popular Mechanics, Kate Schweitzer has filed another installment (her third) of Fringebusters, but makes no mention of Fringe's nod to fellow Popular Mechanics' Fringebuster, S.E. Kramer.


scopolamine said...

Commentary by Popular Mechanics

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was upset that her name wasn't mentioned ;)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Any scientist that says something isn't possible deserves to retire.

How about, instead of trying to think of ways things can't happen, they start thinking of ways they can?

Tesla was told his AC motor was impossible.

tallone said...

Tesla was a miracle man.

Anonymous said...

I've written my science review for the fourth review.

Fringe: The Arrival

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