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What Do You Think of Fringe's 3D Location Titles?

      Email Post       10/06/2008 07:45:00 PM      

Flying over, under, by and through Fringe's three dimensional location titles has some fans cheering and others jeering. But the veracity of the latter has us wondering, is it just an exceptionally vocal minority of fans who dislike the 3D location motif, or do their protests represent a majority opinion?

What's your take on Fringe's embedded, reflective, 3D location titles?


tallone said...

Everything is a clue..including the 3d letters.

Der Merzmensch said...

I found them great. I mean, they are building part of location. The location titles in X-Files were "file"alike, with typewriter style, and here the titles have something mysterious. I like the camera fly through the "o" in the Pilot, it was kinda funky. But the greatest use was in Bagdad: firstly you see the Word Bagdad under the helicopters, like a huge map. And then you see the word Bagdad from the ground, inside, mirrored. It was great idea, the whole location becomes more familiar through it.

Anonymous said...

Computer graphics have come a long way in the past decade, but the quality for 3D floating text in a moving background isn't quite there yet (at least on a TV budget). I think that the floating text would have been better saved for J.J.'s next big show.

Mischa said...

did anyone notice that those titles look a lot like the opening credits from the movie "Panic Room"? It's just another font but the same style..

Der Merzmensch said...

Good point! I came across this opening yesterday and I hade the same thought. Here is the Panic Room opening btw.

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