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Fringe Premieres in UK Tonight On Sky1

      Email Post       10/05/2008 02:37:00 PM      

Fringe premieres in the UK tonight on Sky1 at 9:00PM.

Check out the Official Sky1 Fringe website, which has some exclusive Pilot promo photos, and behind-the-scenes photos from The Ghost Network.


Anonymous said...

I hope the show does really well here in the UK, but I do wish it could have had it's debut on a different many people will not be able to view "Fringe" due to the ongoing feud between Sky and its rival cable TV provider - Virgin Media.

David Wu said...

Also, from what I hear from my friends over there, there are a vast amount of British who are curious about the show, but can't watch because they don't have cable. Presumably they'll be able to eventually watch for free on or a similar website (which they haven't been able to do in Britian yet).

Anonymous said...

The best case scenario would have been for one of the mainstream analogue channels, like Channel 5 (who previously acquired CSI Miami and NCIS) to have bought "Fringe" thus ensuring the show's almost certain widespread availability to the largest possible audience.
The sad thing is, it seems that networks like SKY are the only ones with the necessary cash available to buy up all of these new shows.

Anonymous said...

Yes its a shame that its on sky, but it saves them from snapping it up however many seasons in like it did with lost, prison break and nip tuck ( I think ).

I loved the premier, i wasnt going to watch it untill i saw that Kirk Acevedo was in the cast. However, im hooked and cant wait for the next episode.

Anonymous said...

Using alternative means! I've been able to see all four episodes already shown on US TV..and trust me the show just gets better and better.

I am really excited to see what is to come from the rest of Season 1

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