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Fringe Dwellers Podcast: Episode 9

      Email Post       11/03/2008 10:35:00 AM      

Adele is joined by guest co-host, Jason, to discuss Fringe's character progression as of Season 1, Episode 6.

Show notes are available at the Fringe Dwellers homepage.

Listen now:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting & kinda sticky but..

Fringe community is slipping away. Everyone I know is forgetting about the show, including self, here.

They better come with a promo-tornado; ain't no Emmys between now and then, --ducking rating decay. I'm assuming juicy content, science, --and all.


tallone said...

I agree the momentum and interest are fizzling done to nothing. What Fox and et al should have done was drop some clues on the Massive Dynamics site...that would have kept the interest going.

Dennis said...

This is ridiculous. I want a new episode as much as the next guy, but this is the same kind of complaining that you would hear for Lost whenever there was a rerun. There just can't be new episodes every single week.

This week is the election, so there's nothing they can do about that. However, the next four weeks will be all new episodes, and based on the press release, they sound pretty interesting.

If you're looking for something Fringe-related to do, why not contribute over at Fringepedia?

tallone said...

Your point is well taken yes there is a very important election at hand . However if Fringe is going to do encore presentations..then they should do something to enhance it. They should take a clue from the Lost notebook...putting subtitles on the bottom of the viewing screen to enhance viewer participation. We all know the previous episodes have been sliced and diced here and other places to the max. You guys are good on that one by the way. All they need to do is add extra footage or do the above for the fanbase.

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