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Fringe: Power Hungry - HD Screencaps

      Email Post       10/15/2008 02:44:00 PM      

High-Definition screencaps of Fringe Episode 105 "Power Hungry", are now available in our Galley section.

Some of the most interesting screenshots are already up in our Screencaps / Easter Egg section, but if there's something you can't find there or in our Gallery, you can request a screenshot here.


tallone said...

It looks like the theories of Nicholas Tesla are at work here..those are examples of his wireless coils.

Capcom said...

Thanks so much for posting screencaps!

Anonymous said...

Good shout out to Nicholas Tesla. That's my favorite scientist of all time. Edison really treated him dirty because Tesla ideas and inventions were truly...beyond this world in my opinion.

Anyway Tallone mad props to you for giving credit to my man. Peace

Capcom said...

Yes Anonymous, I was appalled to learn about how Edison treated Tesla!!! Apparently Edison was like that to a lot of people. Tesla seemed like such a gentle soul, it's terrible. He's my favorite too.

tallone said...

Your welcome anon..yes he is fascinating. For those who are interested there's a nine part movie on you tube on the life of Tesla. People are just rediscovering his experiments and putting them to use on a small scale. Amazing stuff!

Capcom said...

Tx Tallone!

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