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Fox Fringe: Walter's Lab Notes #5

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Walter's King of Cups card is a tarot card. Interpreting the King of Cups really depends on which source you favor, but one we found might allude to Olivia's relationship with John Scott.
The King of Cups does not repress his emotions and unconscious impulses but has learned to accept and deal with them in a mature and balanced manner. --
Most notable however, the face of the king is covered (or scratched out?) by a bird dropping?

Among a few crime scene photos of the elevator crash are two feathers, presumably those of the pigeons responsible for the mess. Also seemingly out of place, what appears to be a childhood art project "By: Peter!!"

There is also a diagram of the device used to reorient the pigeon's internal compasses so they could home in on Joseph Meegar's location.


David Wu said...

Two things in the note stick out for me: 1) the visitor who plucked thoughts from Walter during his 17-year institutionalization, and 2) the first mention of the golden spiral.

tallone said...

Did anyone notice that there are humans in the tesla coil sketch and not birds?

Edward said...

Hmmm. They look like birds to me.

Capcom said...

Oh, that's pigeon poo? Silly me, I thought that it was splattered lead solder, heheh. :o)

tallone said...

Oh my they are

Anonymous said...

The King of Cups... an older man, maybe married; a romantic diplomat (if benign) or a two-faced seducer (if malignant); always holds some thing(s) back to present the most appealing aspect of himself. Cups means all emotions, not necessarily just love.

I used to do Tarot readings a lot. Having the card on it's side may be significant, but it's probably just artistic. I think that we're looking at an older man who people think they know, but who in reality is merely projecting an idealistic image of himself. Many possibilities for that: Walter, Fischer, William Bell, Broyles. (Definitely not Peter, though.) I'm voting Dr. Fischer.

tallone said...

I suspect that as well someone has some kind of background or connection that is not evident as yet.

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