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Fringe Returns With A New Episode (105 - 'Power Hungry') Tonight!

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Fringe is all new tonight at 9/8c.

    For a preview, synopsis and promotional photos of 'Power Hungry' see: Spoilers.

    Have something to say, join the discussion over at Episodes starting at 9:00 Eastern.

    See something interesting in tonight's episode (a clue?), request a screen capture over at Easter Eggs.

    Have a question about, or something to add to the known Fringe universe, see/join Fringepedia.
This week we are also happy to announce that has joined forces with The merger incorporates a Forum and Gallery into our operations at Fringe Television. (You need to be registered to take advantage of all the tools available in each.)

Join us in welcoming Austin--who will remain the Administrator and Editor of the Forum and Gallery--and everyone else from the's community. We hope you like the digs here at Fringe Television.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce the Fringe Podcast Network. The Network is a place where Fringe fans can find all of their favorite Fringe podcasts in one place. It is modeled after the popular Lost Podcast Network.

If you have a Fringe podcast, and would like to join the network, contact


Anonymous said...

When they change scenes from Boston street to Harvard University about 8 minutes into the episode, the background scenery looks like it's actually the Old Campus at Yale University. Did anyone else notice this?

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