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Watch Fringe Live and Win!

      Email Post       9/23/2011 12:12:00 PM      

Tonight is the Season 4 premier of Fringe! To celebrate (and to help increase ratings), we will be holding a weekly giveaway (while supplies last) for people who watch Fringe live!

We are working with Warner Bros for the first three weeks, so this week's prize is "Fringe: The Complete Third Season" on DVD, which has been provided by the Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing Group on behalf of

Every week during the airing of Fringe, we will have a special "Watch Fringe Live Contest" post. So you don't have to miss a single minute of Fringe (or any commercials ;), we will start the entry period 15 minutes prior to the episode, and close it 15 minutes after. We will have the contest post open for both east coast and west coast airings.

To be eligible to win, you must watch Fringe Live, and leave a comment in the special post during the contest period. Important: You must log-in before leaving a comment - comments as "anonymous" will not be accepted. Also, your logged in account must have some sort of email address attached so I can contact you if you win (for spam's sake, please do not post your email in the comments).
The winning name will be selected at random from all eligible entries.

Lastly, the contest (and Fringe ratings) are limited to US residents only.

Happy Fringe Friday!

UPDATE: The contest is open now:


cortexifan said...

That's for facebook and twitter only I assume?

Dennis said...

I'm not sure what you mean.

When you enter a comment on blogger, you can select the "Comment as" type. Options include Google (i.e. Blogger), LiveJournal, WordPress, Typepad, AIM, and OpenID. When you comment using those options, your name turns into a link, which I should be able to click on and have some way to contact the winner. If there is no contact info, I will just pick someone else.

Comments as "Anonymous" or using the "Name/URL" will not work for this contest.

Jenea (Ann) said...

I'm not from US (from Republic of Moldova)and I'm so sad about not participating and not winning it! :( although I'm a big fan of the show and I love it so much that you can't even imagine! I'm glad that the show is back...I've bin waiting for it for such a long time! and finally it's 23 of september! yoohoo!!! :)

Dennis said...

I'm sorry you can't participate in this contest, but hopefully we will have some other giveaways soon that everyone can participate in.

Happy Fringe Friday!

cortexifan said...

thanks for clearing that up.

cortexifan said...

Ok trying this with an account. Haven't figured out to give me a name yet, I'm new at this in a sense :) Cortexifan

cortexifan said...

Sorry Dennis, don't mean to take up space. One more try.

Blink said...

Does anybody know what channel I can watch it on tv?

We NEVER watch "tv" live but will definitely do it for Fringe. We even bought an hdtv set just to be able to watch it. We cancelled our cable after being bombarded with infomercials.

Fringe is the only show we will watch live.

So, does anyone know what channel it will be on tonight (in Boston), on a regular channel? Thanks in advance!

cortexifan said...

I don't have cable either and watch with antenna. Go to and check the tv listings. It's on FOX which should be one of the channels you should be able to get with the antenna, assuming that's the way you watch. In my area Fox is on channel 21. Hope that helps.

Blink said...

Thanks! I did what you said. For those in Boston, it's channel 25.
Everyone, enjoy tonight!


Matthew M said...

O.K. maybe I missed something along the way over these many years but..... what's all the pressure to watch live? 99 million homes in the U.S. have TVs. There are 5,000 Nielsen homes across the country. Since this is the key they look at what's the big deal. Unless you have a Nielsen box it doesn't matter. If I new who the Nielsen people were I could tell you if they watch shows like "FRINGE". I imagine the number is fairly low based on the ratings numbers our beloved series gets.
If there is another way they know if I'm watching live please tell me. I have DirecTV so do they keep tabs on what I watch live and what I record? Sometimes, like tonight, I do both. How about DISH,NETWORK, Comcast, Warner Cable, Charter Cable etc?
SOMEBODY HELP ME! Inquiring minds want to know!

Todd_Jonathan said...

always watch live and dead....

and doing a hell of a lot of promoting....part of me think i should get payed for this :P

Dennis said...

Matthew M,

Yes it does matter. DVR watched the same night counts the same as watching live.

Hangeleah said...

Can't wait to see "Our O" and "Other O" in the same scenes! Yay!!!

Lola said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't stand the wait!!!! #WhereIsPeterBishop

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