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Fringe Photos: Screenshots From "Neither Here Nor There"

      Email Post       9/24/2011 02:48:00 PM      

HD screenshots of Fringe episode "Neither Here Nor There" are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in these comments.

Promotional photos for "Neither Here Nor There" are also available at


nj said...

Could you post the Pictures when the Observer is in the Shop , there were some Posters on the Wall maybe some interesting things, and pictures from the new credit at the beginning (orange)


nj said...

sorry i was in the wrong area, u can delete my comment, i allready found the Season 4 Gallery,

excuse me for this!


Matthew M said...

Gonna have to watch again, did not see these to together only September with the older Observer.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get the name of the new Observer from the credits?

Anonymous said...

Fox makes you wait 8 days if you miss an episode? Go to he11 fox.......

Dennis said...

No, blame Dish Network. They have exclusive replay rights for the first eight days. So if you are a Dish subscriber, you can watch it the next day.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why you can't buy the episodes on iTunes anymore or Amazon. Looks like they've done away with immediate access even if you're willing to pay.

cortexifan said...

Dennis thanks for posting these so far.
Will you be able to post the rest of the episode?

TeamCoco said...

@ Anon
Yeah, the new Observer is January

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