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Fringe Easter Eggs 401: Where Is Peter Bishop?

      Email Post       9/23/2011 11:42:00 PM      

In the Fringe episode "Neither Here Nor There", Peter can be seen three times:
  • In the bridge room after the Olivias exchange case files
  • In the lab just before Lincoln shows up
  • In Walter's "bedroom", in the TV screen
You can see screenshots of Peter after the break


Star said...

it's actually three times: he's in the bridge room with the two Olivia's. You can catch a glimpse of him as our Olivia's leaving :)

Dennis said...

Did I say twice? I meant thrice ;)

Forgot about that one, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not good at all. Seriously all it takes is a license plate number to find the very secret fringe division. Who wrote that into the script? From that point on nothing else made any sinse.
Signed Give me a break.

fringeobsessed said...

I balked at that also.
Agent Jessup had to get a long, secret number to find any Fringe-related cases.

Why wouldn't Linc have hit a dead end?
They should've shown him doing his homework on the net. Maybe roughing someone up in Hartford, or blackmailing his boss or soemthing. I would have believed that!

Joanna said...

Re: Lincoln vs. the license plate -- he didn't run the number through a database, he used it to track Olivia's travel via traffic cameras. In other words, good old fashioned shoe-leather work. He also mentioned he'd been going door-to-door at Harvard for quite a while before he found the lab.

Seriously, if you're going to watch this show, you need to pay attention.

Paul said...

Agrees with Joanna. I didn't have a problem with Lee finding the lab.

Tony Wilson said...

And was that Joshua Jackson playing the tall Observer?

Dennis said...

No, according to the end credits, the young Observer was January, played by David Haysom.

Tony Wilson said...

It looked a lot like him albeit with heavy make-up on.

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