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FRINGE: Past + Present + Future #12 "A Different Choice"

      Email Post       9/16/2011 01:58:00 PM      

Walter and Peter are desperate to change future events, in this twelfth and final installment of the web series Fringe: Past + Present + Future. Narrated by series star John Noble.


Eric Johnson said...


Matthew M said...

The very end was new! Olivia walks past 2 observers and doesn't react to them. She doesn't remember them and they may not be remembered by anyone. This could be exciting!

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure peter will become an observer

Observette MARCH said...

Ok I've been reading the comments on FINGEBLOGGERS and am growing more and more frustrated and somewhat confused with how people are thinking that the Observer with September is actually Peter. Besides the fact that I don't think it looks like Peter or that it is him (I actually think it's child observer from season 1), I am now finding myself going:"Could it be Josh/Peter??Could it? No! But they all think it is could it be??"
Argggh! I mean, would the producers make it that easy on us? Tease the idea at ComicCon and then actually do it? I really don't think they'd be that "obvious" but I have to say, I am kinda scratching my head here. Anyone got any words of wisdom for me?

fringeobsessed said...

I agree with you Observette MARCH that the tall, young "new" Observer looks very much like the bald kid in "Inner Child."

No one can answer your question yet, but we will get our answers! Hang in there, and enjoy the ride!

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