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'Ask Matt' Addresses A Confused Fringe Fan

      Email Post       9/26/2011 04:34:00 PM      

Question: I love Fringe and have been watching it faithfully from the beginning. I know you are a big fan as well. However, after watching the first episode without Peter, I have to admit to being thoroughly or almost thoroughly confused. I realize this is kind of playing out in a sort of It's a Wonderful Life way — Walter has difficulty staying grounded at all without Peter being there, etc. But other than understanding that, I didn't get what was happening with faux Olivia (is that what we called her and is she being kept confined somewhere?), and I thought Agent Lincoln Lee (now with glasses) had a double in the alternate universe as well, but am not sure. Any help or explanation is appreciated. If a fan like me is confused, I'm wondering about others who haven't seen the show at all? — Faye

Matt Roush: This Friday's episode, which I'll preview in my weekend guide later this week, should give you a better sense of how the two worlds (and the various doppelgangers) are co-existing. And yes, alt-Lincoln was well established last season before we met "our" version, who I liked very much. But there's no question that Fringe isn't the easiest show to make sense of, so to address your last question, I think Fox and the producers have pretty much given up on the idea of growing the audience. (That's why Friday is as habitable a perch as the show can expect.)

No worries, Faye, and fellow Fringe fans. You know you can ask your questions here at Fringe Television.


Xindilini said...

The first episode back may not have shown much of the other Olivia. #2 seem to be more about the Over There problems. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Well I had no problems following the premiere so I'm super excited to see all this unfold as the eps come out in the coming weeks. Honestly this show is really not that hard to follow hubby and I haven't had any problems with that but well to each their own. We love this show and hope we can get more seasons out of it in the near future.

Christoph said...

i dont get it....i thought it made lots of sense. You just had to understand that the first episode back was obviously going to show us how Olivia and our side is without Peter in it, they arent goign to show people the other side when people are more interested in how this side is more different. They aren't being kept confined to a particular side, but im sure it would look strange 2 of the same person being on one side all the time, but we get to see the cross over this week, with fauxlivia going blonde...they are going to be doing a here episode and a there episode by the looks. Kinda like last season, but we will have some more interaction from the opposite sides with the cases, like when the olivia's shared files or sharing resources or tech etc. I had no confusion at all...dont people pay attention to these things?

Blamed said...

Fringe Brazil!

Fringe Lover said...

I LOVED the first episode. and am VERY excited to see how this is going to unfold. I just hope it's not too many more episodes before we get to see the re-unions. I am sucker for this strange little family and trust they will be one again. ;)

fakehater said...

I dont think "Faye" has ever seen One episode of Fringe, tbqh. Maybe Everyone didnt watch last seasons final two episodes 20 times like I did, but How could you not be following the story here if you have been watching "faithfully" since the beginning? no wonder it got moved to Fridays... Thanks People Like Faye! :p

Matthew M said...

I won't be as harsh on 'Faye' as Fakehater is but her question did seem odd.
I know a person who watches every episode as well but they are so distracted by other things trying to 'multi-task' they miss half of what is going on. Most people don't re-watch a second or third time like I do and everyone really should. I pay close attention, have no distractions and still see new things on the re-viewings.
Faye obviously has difficulty process the stories. "It's A Wonderful Life"? That is just too bizarre (never liked that movie), how can she come up with that! Yes, there are 2 Lincolns. They will probably work together at one point like the 2 Olivia's will in this Friday's episode. Over there Olivia is not trapped in a room Faye, didn't you watch the season 3 finale? Faye, poor thing you obviously have trouble distinguishing between over there and over here universes.

fakehater said...

wowsers. sorry to offend. I thought my comment was quite tame, and my Honest thought. I pay close attention to every episode and thought "Faye" missed some MAJOR plot-points. Alls I know is my comments were no where near ass offensive as the Ever-Brave "anonymous". <3

Anonymous said...

We've been watching since the first show. We listen to your podcasts, red the reviews and comments and own a lot of Fringe memorabilia. Sooooo...The last thing I remember before the season opener was Olivia getting shot in the head 15 years in the future? (Finale)
Now we're in the present and there's no Peter. There can't be an Olivia without a Peter or a Peter without an Olivia.
It just seems like you threw in Lincoln to lessen the blow of no Peter. Won't work.
You have to do whatever it takes to bring Peter back if you want to keep viewers. Not all of us are Fringies! And a lot will change the channel when they find out you're already losing staff. Shows that lose their main characters, die...slowly. Name one that hasn't?
Whatever Josh is up to, make him an offer that he can't refuse. He needs to return, and fast. Keep the other five happy too.
You're dealing with Sci-Fi people who want consistancy amoung chaos. It's a delicate balance that you must maintain. When we tune in we want to see all the main characters doing what makes the show so fantastic and worth watching.
Imagine if Startrek eliminated one of it's main characters...do you think it would have had the run it had? Fame it's had?
Want to increase your base? You can, you know. Put together a 5 second narrative that airs at the beginning and end of each show directing people to an online 'catch-up show.' In less than 5 minutes explain what's been happening up to now and get them excited about tuning in. You might want to add thin info to your commercials. Just keep it short and easy to find. Remember, we're not all Fringies!


Anonymous said...

I thought the "other" Agent Broyles died last season getting the real Olivia back...now he's over there again?? Also, what about the other Olivia's baby- you know, Peter's baby??? They haven't mentioned it at all....a little confused

Heidi Gulley said...

Sorry!! The above question/comment was from Heidi. Any info is great!

Heidi Gulley said...

Okay, so now I realize after 2nd episode that there would be no baby since Peter doesn't exist. But what about Broyles?


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