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Fringe 3 Sneak Peeks 401 Neither Here Nor There

      Email Post       9/22/2011 09:04:00 PM      

Here are 3 sneak peeks from the Season Premiere of FRINGE.


Berlie said...

Hello Peter!!!

aydee said...

I cannot wait for S4 to start tomorrow night. These clips are awesome! I guess we better get used to seeing flashes of Peter :)

Anonymous said...

I had to rewind it 'cause i must've blinked and my housemate was just yelling that Peter flashed in and out.... Can't wait till it starts!

Oliviavsaltolivia said...

Oh oh, to all peter haters, the switch happened ANYWAY even without Peter so there!!

cortexifan said...

These made me even more excited for tomorrow.
Observer, can you erase the rest of time until Fringe airs, please :)

Anonymous said...

In my head it went more like
Peter: Yes Im back.......*spots Olivia and Altlivia* OR not. LOL!
Cant wait!


Anonymous said...

And my distain for Fauxlivia is back. Yay, oh happy day, everything is almost the same. Now where is Peter?!? Also, Peter flashed in and out in one of them????

trent said...

I get it now. Peter didn't erase himself to save Olivia and the universes, he did it because he didn't want to deal with those two. I can't blame him.

Matthew M said...

tvnut014 - watch your mouth. I love red haired Olivia. Dirty blonde Olive is such a bore. Peter will be popping in and out until he has it figured out. Poor Walter must have caught a flash and didn't know who it was and got scared. Who can blame him!?!

cortexifan said...

Who says Walter saw Peter, maybe he saw Walternate.

Old Darth said...

So Peter is Tholian Webbing. Intriguing....

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