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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
By Brandy Phillips

We had an opportunity to ask FRINGE star Josh Jackson a few questions about his role as a writer on the new digital comic series BEYOND THE FRINGE, here’s what he had to say:

THE SOURCE: How did you get involved with this project?
JOSH JACKSON: I’m not sure who above my pay grade made the choice to ask me but, I was brought in when our producers where looking for writers for the new run of Fringe comics.

TS: Are you a big comics reader or fan?
Like just about every guy my age comics were a huge part of growing up. I have probably spent thousands of hours debating ‘who would win’ and ‘which powers kick ass more’ But lately I tend to read longer form graphic novels.

TS: What has it been like for you to write a comic, do you enjoy the process?
Writing in comic form is totally different from standard script writing. Thankfully I had a couple helpers to get me used to writing panel by panel instead of scene by scene.

TS: What can we expect from “Beyond the Fringe”?
From my portion of it, I hope that it will fill in a piece of Peters’ story in a satisfying way.

TS: How does the comic tie to season four of the show?
You’ll have to read ‘em and find out!



Xindilini said...

I will read it only if it's in paper format.

Dennis said...

Buy the digital version and print it out :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the comic. It opened my eyes to possibilities that Fringe can take. Way cool!

Anonymous said...

Strange that no one is really talking much about the revelations about the machine, its function and Peter's time hopping activities . . . I guess because not a lot of people have read the comic?


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