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'Fringe':New Pics! New Clues?

      Email Post       9/03/2011 12:06:00 PM      

Fringe fans, pull out your magnifying glasses: It's time to analyze the cryptic new promotional images Fox has created to help launch the sci-fi saga's fourth season premiering on Sept. 23. Each shot features a cast member either on a curving pathway or on the steps of some ziggurat-like structure. In the background: A structure (Fringe division's Harvard HQ?) trapped in a bubble embedded with near-subliminal triangles. Above: Blue sky and puffy clouds. My Doc Jensen brain whirs with possibilities.

I see encoded allusions to Stephen King's Under The Dome, multiverse or ''bubble universe'' conjecture (also see: chaotic inflation theory), the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, and of course, The Celestial Sphere of the Great Pyramid. (Look it up! I'm sure it explains everything. That, and The Dark Tower, too.) You'll notice actor Seth Gabel in the mix; look for his once-recurring character, Agent Lincoln Lee, to get more screen time this season. We should brace for a terrifically trippy season that'll play with notions of reality, eternity, and all of Fringe history as we know it. Do you see anything that hints at a resolution to last year's cliffhanger question: Did Peter Bishop eradicate himself from reality by traveling through time? Post your own oddball observations in the comments!



ParisD said...

I do notice and Peter is the only one not walking, as if to suggest that the other characters are continuing on without him and he's waiting to see where to go, or for someone to find him along their path.

Anonymous said...

peter also has 4 rows of bricks wile all the others have 3...

will said...

u are right, but also notice, they are all walking on the first brick, and peter has one foot in the first brick and the other on the 2nd and 3rd.
i guess that the first brick would be universe 1, all charachters are from that universe, peter is from 2 universes per se, and maybe he will be in a 3rd? idk

cortexifan said...

The lighting on each pic is different. Some of the stairs ends are brighter than others.

fringeobsessed said...

Also, the cloud formations behind Lincoln and Peter are pretty much identical, and different from all the other characters. It almost looks like a seahorse's fibonacci tail toward the left side. (You may have to see a larger version of these pics to spot that.)

Jaydev Adhikari said...

The bubble/sphere reminds me of the last scene of Men In Black

Anonymous said...

Fox released the full cast lineup, including Bolivia and Walternate. Bolivia's pic is interesting in that she is standing in the same position as Peter, and you can see a building leading into the dome to the left of her. Could the dome be the bridge between worlds, and could they be in Fringe's version of "The Wood Between the Worlds"?

cortexifan said...

Okay so this doesn't really go here but what just happened to Amber 31422 re-watch post?

Xindilini said...

looks like the author revert it back to draft.

cortexifan said...

thanks. I thought I was losing my mind :)

Sophea said...

Also, the clouds in the dome behind everyone except Lincoln and Peter are almost exactly the same shape, just darker/brighter.

eroplos said...

The size of the bubble in the background is much smaller in Peter's pic than with the others. While everything else is the same (look at the ground in front of the bubble, that stays te same)

Anonymous said...

All the characters, bar Peter, seem to have an extra step. This could signify they have moved on a step while he is stuck on the last step.

fringeobsessed said...

All the characters, bar Peter, seem to have an extra step. This could signify they have moved on a step while he is stuck on the last step.

Yes. Great point, and symbolic of where S4 is going, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Also in the group picture all the characters are in the same outfits and positions as in their individual posters, except for Olivia and Peter who are in different poses and clothes.

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