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Season 4 Promo with Cast Interviews

      Email Post       9/23/2011 08:43:00 AM      

Here's a new Season 4 Promo vid full of Cast Interivews.
I believe this came on a USB that FOX Broadcasting recently sent to the press. Enjoy!

NOTE:If you are a diehard "No Spoiler" person, you may want to pass on this, but I couldn't find anything really spoilery in here.


Anonymous said...

Just wow! Peter had that ability to calm people, particularly Walter and now Olivia is replacing him in that regard? Why are they bringing him back again? It seems he's not necessary in the team or for Walter, they should give Olivia the ability to use the machine and whatever Peter could or couldn't do and be done with the character.

fringeobsessed said...

Boy, you're tough, Anon.

Old Darth said...


Great set of interviews!

Loved everyone but Jasika really rocks it!

Fringe Friday!!!


fringeobsessed said...

You doing Walter's jig, OD? :)

grace said...

Jasika is really nice. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Unknown said...

Yes, this came on the USB stick like the one I received and uploaded yesterday .

Manakehemic said...

Well, can you blame the annon? Just the fact that people are now preferring LINCOLN over Peter disgusts me. These writers ruined Peter all for the sake of making the other characters perfect with no damn faults while they make Peter the dumb one.

Unknown said...

I myself kinda didn't care for the calming of Walter. Peter has been rumored to have a "magic touch" since S1...

Old Darth said...

'You doing Walter's jig, OD? :)'

I am indeed! And for an added degree of difficulty, red vines in one hand and strawberry milkshake in the other. ;-D

trent said...

And here we go. One of my predictions:

"Peter's role as Walter's caretaker will be taken over by the other characters".

Score! And they're doing it even better than Peter! What I didn't expect is that they would add insult to injury by taking one of the few things that made Peter somewhat special to give it to Olivia. Apparently she needed even more abilities.

My question is, are they going to leave Peter with anything or are they going to strip everything away from him except:

"But Walter feels "incomplete" without him! There is no logic behind that, because he's doing fine without him, but ~feelings~ are a force of nature in fiction".

Well, here we are, Walter is sad, despite having Olivia doing Peter's job. Two predictions down and the show hasn't even begun.

Jasika would have had me half-convinced if I hadn't watched the rest. More Jasika, please. And Blair Brown.

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