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FRINGE: Past + Present + Future #3 "A Tale Of Two Walters"

      Email Post       9/12/2011 04:24:00 PM      

Here is the third installment of the twelve-part Fringe web series Past + Present + Future, titled "A Tale Of Two Walters".


Anonymous said...

It's been driving me crazy - I have to know the name of the song in the new Fringe trailer they've been playing on Fox for the last few weeks. It's very mysterious and haunting and it's been haunting me ever since ;) If anyone can help, it would greatly be appreciated!!!! Thank you & can't wait for the new season to start.

Xindilini said...

You have to be more specific. Which song are you referring to? The one Walter's listening to or the more modern one.

I don't actually get FOX commercials much because of simulcasting with local networks. So I've only seen stuff on this site.

cortexifan said...

The song is called Am I Here by The Secret Messenger. You can buy it on itunes.

Anonymous said...

What is reality - Where is Peter Bishop - are the tag lines for the commercial...I can't find the above song on iTunes or any other info on the band mentioned above. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Flyzon said...

Am I Here The Secret Meeting

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