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Here is a new commercial for the Fringe season 4 premiere episode "Neither Here Nor There", airing Friday, Sept. 23. Only 12 more days!


Anonymous said...

i just saw The Observer in the promo, did they appear to change their mind about Peter's existence? can't wait the premiere date Sep 23.

fringeaddict said...

My thought on that is that the Observers may know how to leap through time, change the course of peoples existance, know the future etc, but they don't really know or understand how human interaction works... Way back when August died in order to save the girl, he said something along the lines that he thinks it's what humans call love. He didn't even know or understand that emotion. September looked sort of surprised (as much as an Observer shows surprise) that he would go to such extremes for 'love'. I think the Observers will come to understand the importance of love, where it be father/son, lover, friend etc and the need of Peter in the others lives as being the ultimate balance for the others. When they realise that, they will find a way to bring him into this time line- 'cause we all know he does come back one way or another.

Ali said...

In this clip of Olivia walking down the hall (lit in red), she's with Our!Lincoln. However, in another clip (I forgot which one), she's walking with Walternate. Maybe they changed it? Or two different scenes?

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