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Observiews 4.01 Neither Here Nor There

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense :)

This season, as far as Observiews go, is going to be a little more challenging. Fringe is not available on Hulu (1 day after air date) anymore, so I’m relying on screencaps from FringeFiles.com. I did tape it and will use some of mine but the quality is not that good. So please be patient.

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong:). I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews.

I want to start where I left off at the end of last season. If you remember, Peter went in the machine to save both universes. By doing so, he wrote himself out of existence and we were left with our mouths open, at least I was. So…

1.01 "Pilot"

Olivia: “I just want to go back to before.” Broyles: “Dunham, I don’t think you can.”

Well, in a sense we are but it’s slightly different. Let me do a recap before we delve into details.

It has been a week since Peter disappeared. But they don’t know that. For them it’s been a week since the team on this side agreed to work with the other side. It seems the events from the last 3 years have still happened but in a different way. Olivia and Fauxlivia have quite the argument. To Walter the lab feels different and he blames it on the temperature. The dynamics between the characters are different as well. Olivia is colder and yet gentler with Walter. Broyles seems more like a boss than a friend.

Lincoln Lee from this side is picking up his partner and they go chase some bad guys. Robert dies and Olivia is investigating. Those two meet but have no knowledge of each other, as September explains it. It looks like a case we are sort of familiar with from 1.01The Pilot, a translucent man, who is a flying shapeshifter (or at least that’s the impression I got). Lincoln wants to take the body back to his facility but Olivia steps in, giving Lincoln no information whatsoever. He’s quite upset and doesn’t give up finding out more info (hm, sounds like someone we know :) ).

He tracks them down and shows up in the lab. After some back and forth he’s tolerated to join the investigation because he has more info. He finds out that there have been quite a lot of victims and he gives valid information about his partner. Walter is not leaving the lab, he’s afraid, so Astrid gets to be out in the field. Of course Walter is still Walter and has his lovely moments :). They track down the guy and go after him. Olivia dives right into action and fights this guy, shooting him in the process. Lincoln stayed with an injured cop and shoots the other guy who looks like his partner. Walter discovers the mercury and the device in one of the bodies. They’ve seen this tech before and Olivia decides to take Lincoln to the other side. Olivia doesn’t trust Fauxlivia because last time a device used like this, it was Walternate. It’s actually quite impressive what they’ve done with the bridge-room. Walter sleeps at the lab. As he turns the TV off he sees a person on the screen and it’s not himself. I’ll get there :)

So now let’s take it apart.

The glyphs spelled: APPEAR

As in Peter appears? As is everything is not like it appears? You decide.

Observers are throughout the episode and up to no good, I’m sure.

This is the new color for this time line. What do you think? I like it, reminds me of amber.

We also have new science in the opening sequence: Existence, Quantum Entanglement, Philosopher’s Stone, Psychometry, Viral Therapy, Ethereal Plane, Time Paradox, Gravitions, Psychogenesis, Transgenics, Psychic Surgery and Bilocation. I’m not even going to try to explain. Most of it will be above my head. But we did hear Quantum Entanglement (spooky action at a distance) and Time Paradox (the thing I can’t wrap my head around and the place where Peter is) before.

So here are Olivia and Fauxlivia having a chat about trust. Olivia: “…If you can’t trust the people you’re dealing with, what then?” Fauxlivia: “… Maybe you’re just incapable of trust.” Olivia: “Coming from the person who kidnapped me and stole my life.” This reminded me of 2.22 Over There Part 2 where they face each other for the first time and Olivia asks for help: “You got to trust me, I’m you.” And according to this, the kidnapping still happened; we just don’t know the circumstances yet.

Uh, what? Who? :)

And then he’s gone again.

Did you guys catch that during the episode?

If you recall, colors are important in Fringe.

There is a lot of green and red in the café.

So then there is September and December.

Apparently Peter is not quite gone. I loved how September was questioning that: “It’s impossible. The time line has been rewritten.”

The Bishop Boy is underestimated again, as before by Newton and other shapeshifters (3.06 6599 kHz). So is Peter hanging on? Why?

December to September: “This started with you. It must be you who ends it. They can never know the boy lived to be a man.”

Then he hands him this part and as we saw later September used it to build a device.

Do you remember this from the finale? On the ground there it says “only Sept”. Is that what it stands for? Only September can “fix” it.

So then we go to Hartford where Lincoln is picking up his partner who is eating toast. Just thought it was funny. Hartford is where Lincoln is part of the FBI as we know from 3.17 Stowaway.

They go chasing after a guy and then encounter someone who looks like he can fly and is translucent.

We’ve seen translucency before in 1.01 The Pilot.

Lincoln catches a guy and looks for his partner only to find him dead. Olivia and Astrid are called to the scene. Because Walter is afraid to leave the lab, she gets to go out. I thought it was funny that Olivia was the one opening the body bag, she normally stays away from this stuff as far as possible but without Peter there I guess, she doesn’t have much of a choice, or because Peter never existed, she’s always done it.

The Observers are there as well. September and a new one. On Fringepedia (Transcripts) he is listed as January. They discuss how Lincoln used to know her before everything changed.

So Olivia asks Lincoln questions. Even the lights on the police car blink blue and amber.

Lincoln says he and his partner were tracking a sale of illegal weapons. We’ve heard that before too in a sense: 1.09 Dreamscape and 1.13 The Transformation. Olivia is quite closed up about who she’s working for, not revealing anything. I haven’t figured out why she said: “There is just me.” What about Astrid and Broyles?

Olivia leaves but Lincoln doesn’t give up. He memorizes her license plate number.

Numbers usually mean something in Fringe as well. This is a new time line so I have no idea if this means anything. If you add up 3+1+5 though you get 9. I know, reading into it too much? Humor me :)

So then we get to the lab and Walter is getting something from the fridge. Uh, no… not food but a dead pigeon.

Just remind me not to eat anything from there, yuck.

Anyway back to colors. Lots of red and blue in the lab that later gets augmented by amber (let’s just call it that, shall we).

Walter says: “You can’t tell me there’s not something different in here. This whole place has felt funny for the last week.” Astrid: “Walter, it’s been a week since we agreed to work with the other side.” That is all they know.

There it is again. What or who is that?

He also states that Walternate can’t be trusted. To which Astrid replies: “Don’t forget Walter. He has plenty of reasons to hate you too.” Like what, if Peter never existed?

Olivia is in the back office going over the case file. I’m sure looking at this she thought back to the beginning when John died. Some of those memories might not be pleasant.

Ok, I’m just gonna throw it out right here. Peter needs to come back soon, because Olivia is just way too sad.

Walter is walking through the lab in a pattern. I think he was counting his steps too.

Lincoln found the lab and Walter uses him right away to help with bringing this pigeon back to life.

It reminded me of 1.11 "Bound" where Walter was taking a sample from the giant slug they found. Peter: “Well have you considered, I don’t know, killing it?” Walter: “We can always kill it, son. We can’t always bring it back.” Astrid: “You probably could.”

Olivia is quite upset that he showed up and Lincoln is quite tenacious. As I said before, he reminds me of someone we know :) who’s really good at her job. Olivia threatens with calling his boss and Lincoln knows someone at the New York Times.

Walter has a story for him. Under the dome there is an ear growing.

Last time he did that, in 1.16 "Unleashed", it looked like this.

So then there is another incident and Lincoln is tolerated to tag along.

Again Walter stays at the lab and lets Astrid show and tell him via small camera.

Testing the squelching he says: “you’re as clear as a “bell”. :)

Not sure but the image on the monitor looks suspicious.

Walter is also eating popcorn, prepared in the microwave. Last time he had some, was in 1.02 "The Same Old Story": “Just making popcorn.”

And then we have some fine Walter moments, which I will not repeat. The line from Astrid was my favorite, repeating what Walter wanted her to do. I laughed so hard :)

Ok, I’m not familiar with Massachusetts Drivers licenses but the heart at the bottom caught my eye. Is that for real or … Any thoughts?

Lincoln says: “One of these things is not like the other.”

This line is from Sesame Street and has been use twice before. 2.04 "Momentum Deferred" as Rebecca Kibner talked about recognizing shapeshifters and 3.17 "Stowaway". It was actually Lincoln there who said it to Peter.

Apparently Olivia is not as observant. She usually picks up on stuff like this (or is it just me). So she goes and talks with the girl that Lincoln thinks has more information.

Olivia asks: “What’s your name?” The way she said that reminded me of 3.01 Olivia, when she’s in the cab, asking Henry his name.

And it turns out the girl’s name is Olivia as well. Hm.

Later she thanks Lincoln with a: “nice catch.” Olivia always would say similar things to Peter: “Good job.” in 1.11 Bound or in 1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones: “Nice work.”

This looked odd. There seems to be a pattern for how these bodies are laid out.

So then September is buying the rest of the supplies for the device. When asked what he need them for he says: “I need to erase someone from time.”

This was weird but it looks like a bat between the ceiling lights. I’ve looked at the store pictures for a while and the bat was the only thing odd that I could find.

Olivia: “Just there is great, guys. Thank you.”

This too reminds me of Peter. He would usually be the one directing people around in the lab. And he would get strange looks from the guys bringing the bodies, especially when Gene gives her two cents worth. :)

So then we have another Walter moment. He saw someone, got scared and hid in the tank. How many times have we seen Olivia go in and out of this? And why is there water in it all the time? :)

Olivia seems to have the gift of calming him down. The look between them during this is great.

So then Lincoln asks Olivia if Walter is alright. Reminded me of Broyles asking Peter if Walter was ok in 3.02 The Box.

Olivia: “Well, that depends on your definition of “alright”. He’s functional. Except when he’s not. But he is often quite brilliant. He just never had anything to tether him to the world.” Oh, Olivia, you are breaking my heart. I guess the same goes for you as well.


Starting on the lighter note here, I thought it might have been Tuesday :) but it turns out he’s actually wearing a towel. Walter discovers: “Engagement ring. I don’t think there is anything sadder than when two people are meant to be together and then something intervenes.” Yeah, thanks September for breaking them up. Not sure if Olivia thought of John. In the former time line, John gave Olivia a ring.

Olivia informs Lincoln that the bodies cannot be returned in order not to draw attention to “Fringe Division”. This is the first and only time we hear Fringe Division mentioned. Lincoln is quite upset; “You understand what you're saying? Those families are going to spend the rest of their lives wondering what happened to their loved ones, looking for answers. Can you imagine what that would be like? To have that... that hole in your life. Olivia: “The reason we can't return the bodies is because that would mean we would have to file documentation, which would draw attention to Fringe Division. And we cannot have that. It may not be a good enough answer, but it is the truth.”

Walter informs them: “People die. It happens. Sometimes they even die twice.” Why did he say that? Was he alluding to the shapeshifters or did he remember something else? Or is it just based on other scientific facts that he remembers from other experiences? Hm, so many questions, sigh.

He called Astrid Ms. Astrid and so far has not said her name wrong.

I also liked his comment to Lincoln about the iron: “Very clever. Wrong, but very clever.”

Walter discovers the mercury and then he says: “I don’t have enough information to form a hypothesis yet.” That’s not like him. He usually forms one right away, even without a lot of information.

They discover that there is a “pattern” to this.

Sort of looks like the soft spot map. Top is from 1.20 "There Is More Than One Of Everything", the bottom is from 3.14 "6B".

So then translucent guy pulls off his fingernail and smiles. Apparently what he has injecting himself with, works. Sorry, picture is just too gross to post :)

Olivia tells Lincoln that she knows exactly what it feels like because she lost a partner too, 3 years ago.

I thought it was interesting that his name was not mentioned. Were Olivia and John romantically involved back then in this reset?

We know in the old time line the number 8 was Olivia’s. Is it still?

I thought it was quite interesting how the guy started the fire.

So then we have a fight, Olivia against the translucent guy. She’s holding her own and stabs him with a syringe (top), just like she did to Brandonate in 3.01 Olivia (bottom).

Then she shoots him and she doesn’t blink once. I looked. She didn’t. Our Olivia always blinked. Also she’s fires like 6 times or so. Is she not that great of a shot anymore? Or was she just so upset that she wanted to make sure he’s really dead.

In the meantime Lincoln is outside, worried hearing the shots. He climbs up a car and looks over and sees that Olivia is ok. When he comes back down, I found this: A butterfly glyph. I thought back to 1.08 The Equation where the butterflies were the clue for the next episode 1.09 Dreamscape. Dreamscape dealt with hallucinations, just like Walter. Again, I could be totally wrong and I’m sure, I’m not the only one who caught this. As I said in the beginning, I’ve not looked at anything online to not get influenced. Argh, today is Tuesday and I haven’t looked at anything? Am I nuts?

So now we have a new breed of shapeshifters.

Who created them and for what purpose?

Olivia pulled a few strings and Robert’s body was released.

Lincoln gets a box just like Olivia did in 1.05 Power Hungry.

And I guess the envelope he received were his credentials for Fringe Division.

So back at the lab, Walter discovers the shapeshifter’s device which looks a lot more advanced. I think Walter also said that these shapeshifters are not part machine, part human but human only. Or did I hear wrong?

Then he says: “…this tech isn’t from here.”

Just like Peter said it to Broyles in 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town. Of course Olivia has an idea how to find out more. She takes Lincoln to get a badge.

Recognize this?

The leaf on the scanner at Massive Dynamic (right) from 1.01 The Pilot.

Amber lights in the hallway.

And it looks like they crossed over.

“… I know what it’s like to have a whole in my life. It’s been there as long as I can remember…Broyles asked us to join Fringe Division and somehow I knew that this is where I would find… my answers.”

As I type this I’m thinking of Walter’s comment in 2.12 What Lies Below: “When you open new doors, there’s a price to pay.” Lincoln asked what’s behind the door to which Olivia replies: “Sometimes answers lead to more questions.”

It’s impressive what they’ve done with the bridge-room. Although I got the feeling that Olivia didn’t really want to go there.

Olivia asks Fauxlivia if she knows anything about this. And again brings up trust issues.

Lincoln looks confused. It was interesting that there was no reaction from Fauxlivia either. And of course over there was a blimp flying in the sky.

Back at the lab:

This reminds me of 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town where Peter tells Broyles that: “My father is off in la-la land, mixing himself a nice cocktail of…”

In the meantime, September is outside, preparing his device. All the knobs are red, not green, green, green, red. Only red. What’s wrong with that?

September looks quite sad and he decides not to use the device to completely erase Peter from time.

Why did he change his mind?

So Walter is sleeping in the lab. Has he been sleeping there since he got released from St. Claire’s? What about the house?

Awwww there he is again :)

Of course it freaked Walter out and he was quite scared talking about the man from the mirror.

Other observations:

Walter seems rougher with Astrid at times.

It has been one week since Peter disappeared and 3 days since the murders started.

Lincoln saying: “Where are we going?” Reminded me of 3.17 Stowaway.

Walter used to read the book on Wednesday. So Tuesday is naked day, Thursday is butter scotch day, almost got the whole week covered :)

Lincoln said: “He [Robert] was like family. Something I never thought I’d find.” It reminded me of Broyles saying that the team is like family to him (2.14 Jacksonville) and Peter likes this odd family (2.16 Olivia, In The Lab, With The Revolver).

Shout out to Chris Tilton. The music is awesome.

So the overall message of this episode I think were questions and answers. Lincoln wanted answers and Olivia is looking for answers as well. In fact that theme goes back to 1.04 where Peter says he’s not going anywhere until he can figure out what’s going on. Broyles tells Olivia in 1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones that you will have one million new answers and one million and one new questions.

In 2.14 Jacksonville, Olivia was accusing Walter, looking for answers to questions he shouldn’t have asked in the first place. Fauxlivia didn’t want to give any answers to Peter’s questions in 3.08 Entrada and in 3.10 The Firefly, Peter was wondering why when you get close to getting the answers, someone changed the question.

Sometimes we ask questions and we actually get answers. But, is it the answer we were looking for? Sometimes this answer is not what we want but “the truth” as Olivia informs Lincoln.

I have a few as well:
  • will Olivia and Peter be together again?
  • what is Walternate up to?
  • what answers is Olivia looking for?
  • why did September not do it?
  • what else is in store for the characters and for us as the viewers?
  • will all my questions get an answer?
  • what about Massive Dynamic and Nina?
What questions do you have? What else did you come up with? Other observations?

It was an awesome first episode and I can’t wait for the next one.

Hold on to your seats :)


Xindilini said...

Nice to see your first blog post.

I have a few because I haven't noticed it anywhere else yet.

The other Olivia chuckled when she saw their Lincoln in the bridge room. I say that's recognition enough.

The other Olivia stole Olivia's life. Did Olivia also experienced life over there or was she just confined.

When September commented that Olivia used to know Lincoln. Did it now strike people that Olivia used to know the Observers. She just walked right past them.

I don't know if this is significant. The part that December gave September. It's the same on both ends and different in the middle.

The image on Walter's monitor looks like an old style test screen, and it's black and white.

Olivia seemed to miss her partner when she saw the crime scene photos, suggests they were close. It's strange they don't mention his name.

As a FBI agent, it was part of Olivia job to examine the body. She's the lead, it's only natural for her to see what's in the bag.

"There is no one else." Olivia to Lincoln. Just how classified is Fringe Division? I get the impression Olivia answers to no one as such cases are not supposed to exist.

That's all I got.

Shaun said...

Just and observation. The shows for "Over Here" are Green. The shows for "Over There" are Red. Mix Red and Green you get Yellow which would be why Season 4 (with the two realities bridged) is Amber. The title sequence for "The Day we Died" was grey which is a mix of black and white. Black would be the nothingness of non-existance and white representing a mix of all realities (colors). I am half expecting a third or Blue reality to appear at some stage in a future episode.

bayport bob said...

mmmmmmmmm. remember, peter was messing with the shape shifters near the end of last season. gotta be some link there with the new shape shifters, i would think.

bayport bob said...

you know, if peter never existed, then what was the future scene at the end of last season? he exists but in the future, it appears, in another over there universe.

Anonymous said...

@ Shaun..

There has never been a Green title sequence.. the one for "Over Here" has always been Blue with "Over There" Red..

The new Amber titles is supposed to represent a timeline without Peter according to an interview with shows creators Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman.

The Future title sequence was Black and White.. but is that not just to represent that it was one of many futures,one that will no longer come to pass now as Peter made a different choice by not destroying the red verse,and was colourless as it wasn't a future set in stone.

We also have the nice retro ones too for the flashback episodes to the 80's.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blue said...

I completely agree with you that Peter needs to come back soon! Olivia without Peter is breaking my heart!! I also noticed that she seems less "badass." Not noticing the girl on the bench, the fight with the shapeshifter... I wonder if without Peter, maybe Walter never did the Cortexiphan trials?

The little heart at the bottom on the MA Driver's license just means she's an organ donor. A fun fact, the MA license layout was redesigned in 2010. The license they show is the older layout - pre 2010.

milostanfield said...

@ Shaun
I too have been confused by the title color schemes. The "over here" ones look green to me as well. I am color blind when it comes to colors between blue and green. I can see blue by itself and green by itself. Show me turquoise (a mix of blue and green) and I only see green. In the forums, blue and red were adopted and I went along with that because I know I have problems seeing that part of the spectrum. But it still looks green to me. You're not alone. Article on color mixing: link

Darwin's Creator said...

here is a thought. maybe those of us w/ color blindness and bad memory should self regulate our own comments. in other words STFU unless you know what you are talking about... no?

the article above is sooo weak. full of misquotes, inaccuracies and wild speculation that is not supported. i saw the show, but it seems the author only saw what she wanted to see.

Dennis said...

Darwin's Creator,

The author states in the first paragraph that these are "more visual observations than deep thinking reviews"...

Where is your review?

Anonymous said...

the heart on the Massachusetts driver's license indicates that you're an organ donor. I'm from MA

Ali said...

Like several people said above, the heart indicates that the license owner is an organ donor.

When Walter said that people can die twice, I think he's referring to both Peter's dying - our universe's Peter and the other universe's Peter (the one we know). I think in this timeline, Walter failed to save the Peter we know.

I feel like Olivia not mentioning John's name is more because it's erraneous. Lincoln doesn't need to know Olivia's dead partner's name; he just needs to know that it happened.

Olivia shooting the shapeshifter multiple times probably stems from the fact that shapeshifters are hard to kill. If you don't hit them in the head, they don't die. I'm guessing she fired wildly at first before shooting him in the head.

I think Walter did confirm that the shapeshifters we saw were part human and part machine. Thus why that one had the mechanical "brain" at the base of the spine like the others.

Fauxlivia did look a bit amused by our Lincoln, so I think she did have a reaction to him.

Yup - Olivia didn't recognize the Observers! Very uncharacteristic of her (just like it was uncharacteristic of her not to notice the girl sitting by herself) since she's noticed them before (in the bar after September left her the picture of Peter in the machine).

I think Olivia's still badass. She killed the shapeshifter, didn't she? Yes, it took some effort, but shapeshifters aren't easy to kill unless you sneak up on them first (like Peter did). She also stood up to Fauxlivia.

milostanfield said...

"Does this remind you of anything? A biological-mechanical hybrid. But these are different. They're human. And for whatever reason they don't work." - Walter

- they don't work because the human that was taken over remains, to some extent, part of the being that the shapeshifter(SS) has become, setting up a conflict for control, similar to what Olivia went through in early S03 when she was over there. But since no conflict was evident when the SS that took over Danzig fired at Lincoln, that may not be the case. But there could be some remnant of the former human.

- these ARE Walternate's creations but went rogue once over here. The narrative seems to be throwing Walternate up as a red herring, but perhaps he DID make them. The advantage for him is that they would be more undetectable by us. But perhaps he made them too close to the line that separates sentient from non sentient beings, and the rogue SS's decided to cross that line on their own. The SS that Olivia eventually killed was looking for something in his lab work. These rogue SS's don't want to be human per se. They feel superior to humans as Newton intimated in "Do Shapeshifters…". By shifting they are immortal and we are not. Fringe is sci-fi of identity, that asks "who are you?" and "Who am I?". Perhaps the SS's are asking too.

- they are a creation of a third party, perhaps like ZFT in Season 1.

milostanfield said...

why did September not do it? - cortexifan

I'm still trying to figure out what it WAS he didn't do. Was he:
a) - trying to complete erasing Peter from time
b) - trying to erase Walter from time
c) - trying to erase Peter from Walter's memory?
The way they intercut the scenes of September with his machine with those of Walter in his bed made it seem like he was about to do something to Walter. He never did say specifically who he was trying to erase, and December only said that "they must not know that the boy grew up to be a man". Why he did not do it (whatever it was) is that he has formed an emotional attachment to Walter. September has also changed in this timeline. There has always been emotion repressed behind his staring eyes and odd cadence, but he's more overtly emotional now. There was a flash of anger in his eyes when he was speaking with December. He almost smiled at the crime scene while with January. And he swallowed hard a lot like Peter does when he's facing some difficulty.

austenwithane said...

I think that in this timeline, Peter died as a child and Walter stole him (which would explain Walternates hate). Then alt Peter also died on this side. Remember the car accident in the lake and the observer saves them. My guess is he didn't save Peter in this timeline (hence the comment about them not knowing Peter lived to adulthood)

g33k said...

- The thing December handed to September that he used in making the 'erase Peter' machine (good catch I didn't notice that!) looked like a pen. That reminded me of 3.02 the Box when Fauxlivia is talking in the alley and the graffiti behind her says 'the pen is mightier'.

- Olivia missed a close range shot at the shapeshifter, which you would think, she would have aimed for the middle of his forehead because that's how she knew to take down the Charlie shapeshifter. Then it even takes her 5 shots to get him while Lincoln takes his down in about 3. Her first shot was to the shapeshifter's shoulder, she was previously a very very good shot (3.12 Concentrate and ask again) from having Fauxlivia's memories implanted so either
a) a shapeshifter and/or a Charlie shapeshifter never attacked her so she didn't know to aim for the spot in the middle of his forehead
b) she never had Fauxlivia's memories implanted in her, so she never acquired her skills as a sharpshooter.
c) she's just so plain scared all the time now she can't aim straight.

- In Olivia's conversation with Olivia the interviewee Olivia mentions she went out to the street to get reception so she could talk to her boyfriend. Possible Peter/Olivia parallel.

- 'toast takes time': Are the writers trying to tell us not to expect anything new on the 'man x/Olivia eats toast because she's gonna be toast' mystery anytime soon? I'm leaning towards yes because toast seemed so in-your-face.

- I find it weird that the Observers talk about Lincoln and Olivia as having known each other, but seriously, she was possessed by William Bell at the time and totally asleep the whole time. She never 'met' him in 3.18's Stowaway! So WHEN did they ACTUALLY meet hm? Nick Lane was Olivia's best friend and Over There Lincoln recognized Nick. Maybe Olivia and Lincoln actually met as children in the usual timeline, but Lincoln doesn't remember faces as well as Olivia does (she does because of cortexiphan right?) so when he met her in Stowaway it didn't register.

milostanfield said...

"I find it weird that the Observers talk about Lincoln and Olivia as having known each other, but seriously, she was possessed by William Bell at the time and totally asleep the whole time." - g33k

Actually, January said "He used to know her", which technically is true (in the OLD timeline), as Linc did meet "her", although like you said, he did not really meet HER.

I, too would like to see Nick Lane in the other uni. I think the writers may leave in little hooks like altLinc saying "Nick? Is that You?" or Agent Jessup, and then may or may not go back later and develop that, depending on whim or circumstance. So we may see him or not. Of course with the new timeline they can change lots of stuff.

Yeah, this Olivia is not the markswoman of old. Probably adrenaline was pulling the trigger on some of those shots. Remember in 2.10 "Grey Matters" when she took out two shapeshifters in a moving truck, and had Newton in her sights? That was awesome.

If our new Olivia ever starts to take a bite of toast I'm gonna be yelling "Don't do it!" at the screen, just in case.

Has Olivia even been cortexiphaned in this new timeline? If so, does she even know it yet? That's a biggie. Guess we'll have to be patient. They can't show all the changes in one ep. Hell, I can't even wait a few more hours this side of tonight's ep! Seeing how things changed over there should be fun. Enjoy. See you on the "other side".

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