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Fringe 402 Preview: One Night In October

      Email Post       9/23/2011 10:49:00 PM      

Preview for the next few episodes of Fringe season 4, including scenes from "One Night In October" and other scenes which may be from "Alone In The World" or beyond

"One Night In October" airs next FRIDAY, September 30th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel (and click the "pop out" button) to watch it in full-sized HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Anonymous said...

Notice 16 seconds in that there is regular Olivia and an older(?) Olivia too. Another alt-universe? or more time rifts? Who knows at this point and with Fringe in general. Guess we'll have to wait and see :)


Anonymous said...

Why can it not just be Olivia and Folivia who has dyed her hair so she can work with Olivia. The line of dialog is "Its Show Tim" which could be an indication of them working together to act as doubles.


Anonymous said...

It's already been said that both universes will have to work together, so I agree that it is Olivia and Folivia working together on the case.

Fringe Lover said...

I am so thrilled with the premiere and where the story is going. YAY for season 4!!!!

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