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FRINGE:Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman on the Season Premiere and What's to Come

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FRINGE: Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman on the Season Premiere and What’s to Come
September 24, 2011 by Marisa Roffman

Now that both coasts have seen the FRINGE season premiere, what did you guys think?

There was some major groundwork laid for what could be coming up this season, an act of rebellion, a new enemy and some pretty new credits for the show.

As you may have suspected, I had a few questions after I viewed the episode, so I grilled FRINGE executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman to see what they were willing to share…

The Observer makes the choice to once again go against what he’s been told to do in regards to the Bishops. How will that play out and what will the consequences be for him going forward?
Jeff Pinkner: Well obviously we can’t tell you that!

You could tease…
JP: You picked the [right] word. As [J.H. Wyman] alluded earlier, a lot of our storytelling lives in consequences, so there certainly will be some.

Will they be playing out sooner versus later? Or will they be season long consequences?
JP: I think it’s fair to say it’s season long consequences.

And what about the human shapeshifters? Are we going to be seeing more of her?
J.H. Wyman: Yeah, she’s really excited with the work she’s done and we are, too. She’s really happy to come play with us, which is really cool. She’s definitely going to be back and she’s doing a great job.

What can we expect from her in the future?
JW: It’s really hard, because to tell what position she’s in would sort of reveal maybe too much. But it’s definitely — she’s definitely in the form of, I guess, a foe.
JP: I think it’s fair to say that [like] in the past seasons, there are season long story arcs that will be established early on and play on over the season, while at the same time, every episode will have its own beginning, middle and end. And some will be more specifically about the season long story and others will intersect with it less so. But a lot of the things that are established early on will have season long consequences.

Good to know. Obviously the credits were orange, which is a brand new color for FRINGE, but there were little glimpses of blue peeking out. Will they remain that way or will the blue increase as we get closer to Peter’s return?
JP: We’re keeping it the way it is for now, and you can read into it what you will. There was the blue [credit sequence] for our familiar universe and the red [credits] for Over There. And when we flashed to 1985 in the past, that was its own unique set of credits and in the future episode ["The Day We Died"], in 2026, that had its own unique black credits. Take the orange for what you will. Clearly, it’s a universe without Peter in it.

There were some interesting additional words there, too. Is that me being nitpicky, or is that an actual tease?
JW: I think they serve as their own tease!
JP: They serve as their own tease, but people should check them out.


Matthew M said...

They call it 'orange' some one else described it as 'amber' on my HDTV it looked mostly 'yellow' as in a third universe . That's where these new shapeshifters are from and they are responsible for the destruction of the red and blue 'verses IMHO!

Dave Thompson said...

I think they filmed with a yellow filter too because the show had a whole new look.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Matthew M, I think this yellow color means another universe, another ennemy for our two teams and a logical resaon for them to work together. I would love to see a more advanced third dimension, for example able to create human shapeshifters, well almost !

Anonymous said...

Walter says in the first episode, that sometimes a same person can die twice. I'm sure at the time people think about the two young Peters who died when they were little boys, but it can also point out another tragic destiny for Olivia in this timeline. Maybe the observer bringing back Peter this way, will cause Olivia's death again. So please beloved producers find a third path, we trust you and I really hope that Fringe will gain new viewers, and more important I'd say, catch back the first hour fans. Fab.

Dennis said...

It is a third universe, but only in the sense of the third one we have seen, not in the sense that there are three universes now. The red and blue universes are gone, and now we just have the orange universe - a universe without Peter.

The next question is: If and when Peter does come back, will the opening credits remain orange?

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