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Fringe - Sneak Peek & Scenemaker 402 "One Night in October"

      Email Post       9/25/2011 01:10:00 AM      

Here's a new sneak peek for this episode, there is also cast interviews.


tvnut014 said...

So anyone think Peter'll be back next episode? As in an actual being, not traces of him. This fangirl is hopeful!

trent said...

He won't. Think episode 5 or 6.

Dave Thompson said...

I am betting that Peter will be back in episode 4 since episode 4s are usually heavy in significance...

s01e04 The Arrival
s02e04 Momentum deffered
s03e04 Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?
s04e04 Subject 9

And who do you suppose subject 9 is? Is it the Peter from a 3rd universe, maybe from the same place the new shapeshifters are originally from? Is there an alt-Peter? So many impossibilities!

Matthew M said...

So many questions, such poor quality trailer or is it me?
Can't wait for Friday!

Christoph said... that other-broyles?!?! did he still help olivia escape??

Matthew M said...

Christoph - late comer to "FRINGE"? Over there Colonel Broyles was killed helping over here Olivia get home. Preview Agent Broyles is the over here Broyles - he's a Colonel too but seldom uses his rank and title.

LouWho421 said...

Ugh please stop with the 3rd universe. We haven't even figured out whats going on between these 2 universe's yet. Why introduce anther one when we still have too many questions to answer about whats going between these two: Why is peter gone? Why are these universe's fighting if there never was a adult peter? Is Olivia as cold now as before she met peter than? So many more questions about these 2 that I doubt they would bring in anther one. Right it's about Peterless world and the 2 universes.

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