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Fringe Episode 308: Entrada

      Email Post       12/02/2010 08:25:00 PM      

Peter grapples with the aftermath of recent events as Olivia desperately searches for an ally. Meanwhile, the Fringe Team discovers a critical device that communicates between universes

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Anonymous said...

Tonight's was by far the best episode of the season. So many loose ends solved, it's just awesome. Shame what happened to Col. Broyles, though... I was starting to really like him, and I thought he would find a way to cross back over with Olivia somehow.

Anonymous said...

Overall the episode was really awesome, but I was a bit confused at some parts. One was that when the shapeshifter was inserting those rods in alt-livia I thought he was trying to turn her into a shapeshifter (especially when putting one in the base of her tailbone). Another was the whole dead Alt-Broyles thing, I didn't really recognize him....

But anyway I'm soooo happy that our Olivia is finally home.


Chris Thomson said...

The episode was SUPERB! It felt to me like a season finale... If they keep this pace up I'm going to have heart problems!

Is it me or did the Doc guy at the end look like an observer with hair? His chin looked familiar!

I cannot wait to see if they try to contact Walternate using the typewriter, or if Walter's odd, disconnected frame of mind in this episode might be a sign of a greater problem.

Dennis said...

Anon, If you remember from the episode "The Man From The Other Side", the way the Red Universe knows how to cross sides is to use "Harmonic Vibration" devices to disrupt the fabric between the two worlds, and Walter and the team were trying to find where the devices were located to triangulate where the gateway would be.

The implants appear to be a miniaturized versions of these harmonic devices, creating a hole that Olivia will fit through. Two in the hands, and one in the back would create a triangle I guess.

They had to cut up Broyles so his mass would match Olivia's, which is why he came back all mangled. Evil Brandon is a bad man.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows why this name "Entrada" for this episode? This is a portuguese word but why use it?!

fringeobsessed said...

I believe they used 'Entrada' since it translates into English as 'entrance.' If you listen to a recent interview with Jeff Pinkner, the executive producer, he explains that we've finished a piece of the season and are now entering into a new section of the season. The following definition for 'entrance' from is intruiging:

"an act of entering, as into a place or upon new duties"

I think that means all our Fringe team members will act differently in some way now, as a result of recent events.

Anonymous said...


thank you for your reply but the reason that of my question is cause i'm brazilian and when i saw this name in this episode, made me curious to know the explanation to put the official name in portuguese. If anyone know why the name isnt in english plz tell me .. heheh

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out when alt Olivia was in the police transport wagon and crossed back over WHY would alt Broles body have come to this side??? Is there a "rule" to crossing over ? I know its building for building with some slight differences but why his body for hers???

ehsan said...

kheili kirie in serial

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