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"Ten Reasons We Loved Watching TV in 2010"

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Ten Reasons We Loved Watching TV in 2010
Griping about the low quality of television content has become a popular pastime over the last few years, but, provided you view the medium with a certain level of discernment, 2010 was a great year for TV. Here are ten reasons why, in no particular order.
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4/11“ "Fringe" Borrowing from past anthology-style genre shows such as "The X-Files," the developing mythology within "Fringe" grew from weekly explorations of weirdness into a romantic tragedy that explores betrayal, despair, love and forgiveness, all within the framework of parallel universes colliding, each threatening the existence of the other. As complex and creepy as it can seem at times, the reasons "Fringe" continues to fascinate us are fairly simple: at its center, it's about all the ways human emotions can bind, destroy, heal and sustain us. And thanks to John Noble's not-quite-sane genius scientist Walter Bishop, "Fringe" never lets us forget how important it is to take time out for the sweet things in life...like, say, a good bowl of pudding. ”


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Unknown said...

fringe is a perfect 10 sci-fi drama show that i ever had seen before, because it's not only gave me some scientific knowledges, but also include title of loving between families and friends, of course the love between Olivia and Peter is also the most important part in this show,i love the romantic way they playing in,honestly, i am crazy of this show.

Anonymous said...

What I love about fringe? Well it combines all genres I like: Sci-fi, drama, (intelligent) comedy, romance (but no tearjerker). It challenges my imagination in so many different ways like no other show before.

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I agree with the top three comments.

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