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Fringe makes E! "Top 10 TV Dramas of 2010" List

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Fringe made the E! list of "Top 10 TV Dramas of 2010":
Part Escher drawing, part Möbius strip, Fringe specializes in grand sci-fi conundrums like alternate universes, but in season three the series has become a study in psychological subtlety, exploring how minute variations in personal choice can change the course of a single life and by extension whole worlds.
To see the other 9 nominated dramas, head over to


Pat said...


This might be unrelated, but Anna Torv was ranked among TV's 100 sexist women. She was ranked #27. Below is a link.

Anonymous said...

I love Fringe, but find it hard to take that list seriously as they have the vampire diaries at number 2....

Anonymous said...

Anna gives Olivia a sexy macho edge. I'm surprised she was not ranked higher.

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