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Tweet-along with Fringe Cast & Crew During "Marionette"

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Fox will be hosting a live "
tweet-along" event on December 9th, during the Fringe episode "Marionette:
Tweet-along LIVE with your favorite FRINGE cast members. During next week's all-new episode, members of the cast and crew will join you here to share insider info and answer questions from Fringe fans. It's almost like communicating with the alternate universe. Only cooler.

The details are a little scarce, but hopefully tweets will be appearing online only, and not on the screen. Displaying tweets on-screen was tried once before with Fringe "Tweet-peats" and it was a disaster. However, we did get some interesting information about the show.

The Fringe Now tweet-along site currently shows on John Noble signed up, but it is likely (based on the previous attempt) that the following cast and crew might be available:

Start thinking up your questions now!

UPDATE: The Tweet-Along page has been updated, and it appears that only(!) John Noble will be tweeting.


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